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The Homecare team negotiates with estate agents to become a Homecare Ambassador.


The most important aspect that will help agents to secure additional business, is to be portrayed as a "Trust Worthy" person.


Sales is based on trust... We explain on the website link for estate agents how our Grocery Support software and how the Enjoy Life Phone App technology will be utilized to broadcast that a small number of agentsis in our view "Trust Worthy" to thousands of residents in the agent's marketing area.

E-mails and endorsement letters from:

We publish the page about Ambassadors so that CVO parents will have a better idea about the work we do to ensure that CVO Schools will always be able to earn income out of technology.

The Homecare team will use approximately 2 000 estate agents across the country who will on a daily basis interact with people, who will remind South Africans about the technology we developed to help restore growth in our economy.

The technology we discussed in short, plus the technology we haven't discussed on this website, will remain active for as long as there will be bedridden patients to support, for as long as there will be Social Workers needed for child protection services... We do not think these two needs will ever stop. 

Please listen to some of the videos published by property principals on our Board

Barry Spies
Representing Harcourts
Johan van Tonder
Representing Rawson
Daco Conradie
Representing independent agencies
Louise Snyders
Representing Re/max
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