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CVO 4-month plan


It is difficult to plan the flow of information to readers in such a way that they will understand the importance of this project. We decided to first explain what we are working on, then how we can provide support to the CVO school structure, and lastly, how technology will be used to accomplish this task.


It is important to know that the Homecare team already worked for years on a project to help MS patients. It started off by developing software to only support one MS patient. Our plan was to support Johan Jansen van Vuuren. Johan is Pieter’s brother who worked for Pieter in a IT company.


Readers who have time can read the pages linked on the magazine where we explain how advanced technology in the printing industry was developed and how we worked with media companies such as Media 24, Caxton and independent magazine companies to provide corporate gifts for motor clients. We developed advanced technology for a specific purpose. There is no media company in the world that offered services we once managed to fund MS patients.

Pieter, leading the development team, had a meeting once with top management at Mercedes Head Office in Pretoria. Mercedes asked that we should plan our support plan to include any patient who are in Full Frail care… We cannot exclude a person diagnosed with cancer. We must one day be in a position to fund any caretaker asking for financial support.


Now, to clarify the challenge… Mercedes Benz or the entire motor industry will not be able on their own to provide fees per vehicle sold that will enable us to help people who will qualify for financial support if we have to cater for all the diseases.

Pieter prayed about it and he and Carlo-Hein said that if God trust in them, they will develop technology that will one day help any caretaker with a patient when the patient becomes so ill, that caretaking now require that the person must be bathed and fed with external support. (As long as a patient can bath him/herself or can still eat without assistance, the caretaker will not receive financial support).

We even managed projects outside the motor industry where magazines were printed for other reasons. We supported guest houses, wedding venues, companies involved in the hunting industry...We printed unique collector items where clients were thanked for their business. 

Each client received their own collector's item. Only one magazine were produced with the client on the cover of such magazine. Click on magazine to vies examples of a Mercedes client  (It will give readers a better idea of the IT team's development abilities. We need the best people available in the country to work on this important project)

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Why this information…?


Pieter prays on a daily basis, asking God guidance and peace about the tasks he believes God entrusted him. (The decision to offer our support to CVO schools is not something that was suddenly part of the project plan.)


Pieter first met Antonie Coetzee over the phone in 2012. Antonie was one of the Notable Donators who also helped funded the projects while we developed print technology. (They only worked over the phone and never had the opportunity to meet in person.) Pieter only met Antonie in person for the first time in 2019…. when the Homecare team was getting the projects ready for the accommodation booking site. (A booking site required to restore growth in our economy.)


Pieter prayed for weeks and asked God to identify the management team required who will manage the accommodation part of the project plan once development is completed.


God showed that Antonie should manage that part of the project. (Remember we develop technology where we need to manage a business. A foreigner will never pay his/her holiday accommodation fees into the Homecare Foundation’s bank account…. They will only pay accommodation if they know that the company who received their payment, provides accommodation services.)

Antonie, being appointed as MD of the booking company, was instructed to get his own management team in place. The RSAStay team and other exceptional South Africans in the property and accommodation industries, share the development costs of the software we work on. (We work with 17 property principals across South Africa and will after Lock-Down commence to increase our network to 96 property principals)


Antonie asked Andries Engelbrecht and Neil Kriel (The Ellisras team) to help provide financial support. (We also have Scarra Ntubeni as one of the directors who assist us with contacts into the sport network and with media support.)

Antonie only mentioned to Pieter that his children are in the CVO school, but never discussed the CVO school in detail…

Pieter once stayed over at Neil and Maria Kriel when he visited the RSAStay team in Ellisras. (This happened in January 2020. Pieter had a road trip across Mpumalanga and the Northern Province to visit the property companies who are participating in the project.) 

Pieter had meetings with Seeff properties in Polokwane and that Friday night slept in Ellisras.  The road trip was booked to discuss the video shoots that were coming up for March 2020. We actually prepared professional videos, as we planned to involve approximately 3 000 South Africans in a phase where the technology we develop will go into a Beta test phase, before we can launch it to all the South Africans and foreigners. (People do not have time to read websites….and videos will be more sufficient to communicate with a large number of people. It is only in Lock-down that we can ask readers to allocate time to read a website.)

It was actually Maria who showed Pieter the Hardekool video. Pieter, Neil and Maria were talking in more detail about the CVO school.


Neither Neil or Maria asked Pieter for any financial assistance out of the project. That Friday night, Pieter felt that if the Homecare team opens our invitations to South Africans in general, with the knowledge that a portion of the Foundation’s income will be shared with ordinary South Africans just to reward them for participating in the Pre-Launch phase, that invitations could also be send to parents in CVO schools. (Please remember that we will not offer huge rewards for ordinary South Africans, our commitment is to generate as much fees as possible for our main focus)

Pieter went to bed and like always, prayed and thanked God for entrusting him to work on this project… That night, he couldn’t sleep. The conversations with Neil and Maria kept him awake.

The following morning, without Neil expecting it, Pieter told Neil that he feels strong about helping Neil and his team with Hardekool.


Pieter could see the passion about CVO schools within Neil and Maria when they talked about Hardekool. (Pieter later admitted that the video may have had a huge impact on his decision…. Especially the part of the video that included the archery, Pieter’s passion)


The commitment started off small. Pieter planned to secure R150 000 per month towards Hardekool if a small number of Hardekoop parents participate in the Pre-Launch phase. During the following week, Pieter prayed a lot about his decision. He then phoned Antonie & Neil and asked them to set-up a meeting with Lucia van Wyk.


Eventually, Pieter felt that God put it on him to change the business plan again, so that CVO schools should have access to approximately R15 million per month. We estimate that school fees on 2700 children will bring in approximately R5,5 million per month (if all is collected) plus our commitment to eventually invest R10,5 million, less the portion of funds that will go to parents who cannot pay school fees at all.


The project will systematically drop towards R12 million as kids will over the years matriculate and benefits towards parents will then remain with the parent. (More detail later on this page) 


The 31 CVO schools will within a short period all be in a financial position where constraints are broken!

God will break the financial constrains
Challenges in the 4-month period and how we suggest schools address these challenges.


First, we need to explain that schools are invited to join the project. Parents and staff members can only join the project if they register on our platform. (Nobody can, or will be forced to join this important project.)


The immediate action plan is to use technology that can secure additional income out of grocery spending.  The funds that we can generate out of retail will first be utilized by CVO Head Office to assist the schools with the largest financial strains . It is possible to allocate approximately R200 000 per month towards Head Office within 30 to 60 days, depending on how quickly CVO parents and employees register.


At this point, it is important to know that the Homecare Board made adjustments in its own business plan and in its own budgets, to accommodate CVO schools. Our original business plan was to invite ordinary business people and people representing other organizations such as Wollies animal shelters to participate in the Pre-Launch phase.


The Homecare Foundation would have used the additional R200 000 per month in our own budget for software development and we would have saved a large portion of these funds for the Homecare project.

The Corona virus and the concerns that CVO schools might not be able to remain open for the next 12 months while we develop all the software platforms required, forced us to change our own plans and budgets in order to help CVO schools immediately.


The Homecare Board decided NOT to appoint the additional software developers we need for the project to work on the www, platform. We will first launch the Security technology that we explain in more detail on the next page. This will reduce the period with up to 8 months so that larger financial support can reach CVO schools sooner. We will thereafter increase our staff component to complete development for the tourism industry.

We actually worked on videos to be used for the project just before Lock-Down. Companies such as BBN received the option to invite ordinary South Africans to work with us in the Pre-Launch phase.


We include a video and letter (Bottom of page) from Brenda Els who is also part of our management team. The Homecare Board decided that we will first allow Lucia van Wyk the opportunity to use the Lock-Down period to her advantage. Parents in the CVO schools will now get first opportunity to consider this project.

The Homecare Board would have offered BBN network business people 25% of their grocery spending. People supporting Wollies will receive 25% of their spending and 75% of their spending will go to Wollies, (Animal shelter in Pretoria). With CVO schools, we need to commit in total 125% of the spending of parents to the CVO school structure.

We will on the Registration pages explain with more detail how we generate 5% from retail (Shoprite group and Spar) on grocery spending, and 5,5% on spending from Pick n Pay.


We then have to plan which software structures will give us the ability to pay out up to 125% of grocery spending to people who were involved in the Pre-Launch period. This is not a pyramid scheme… We work on technology and we must explain to participants how we manage risks, and how we will reward participants.


Our initial plan only required from us to secure R5 million of grocery spending via the networks we have access to. This would have generated R250 000 per month which we would have used for software development, including salary of an additional software developer. Our commitments in future only required from us to allocate R1,25 million per month out of the Armed response technology, so that we can reward all the business people in South Africa for working with us towards a better South Africa.


The entire plan changed, and after spending lots of time in prayer, and re-looking the business plans in detail, we decided to implement the change. We now need to raise an additional R200 000 per month, to support CVO Head Office.. We now need to secure R8 million of grocery spending per month and our reward commitment suddenly increase to R10,5 million per month… If we didn’t trust in God that we must support CVO schools, we would not have done it! 


God showed us exactly what we need to do, and if it wasn’t for Aura as business partner instead of CASI (which we explain in the next page), this would not have been possible at all.


R8 million in grocery spending is nothing if we support staff members and parents with immediate families in the CVO school structure. (More detail on the Registration page)


There is however only a short window period for CVO parents, friends and employees to register. Our commitment as the Homecare Board remains ultimately to the caretakers of bedridden patients, to the management teams working in child protection services, and to the preachers working with disabled people.


We will complete the videos we work on after Lock-down restrictions has been lifted. If CVO parents do not register during the Lock-down period, the allocation of Grocery spending towards CVO project will reduce on a daily basis, as commitments towards ordinary business people and towards the Wollies animal rescue network will increase.


We believe in honesty and to be upfront from the beginning. Lucia van Wyk truly wants opportunities to ensure that CVO school structure will remain in place and will be well-funded. The Homecare Board allow her and her management team the opportunity to become Business/project partners. They must push communication towards parents, staff members and friends of the CVO schools.   


Suggestions towards School Boards

We already explained that we can only invite parents and staff members to participate, to become project partners. (Nobody can be forced to join the project.)


The Homecare Board goes into partnership with people individually, and with schools who decide to participate. We provide Pledge Agreements from our server to individuals where we stipulate that the software will share with people funds, and how the distribution of such funds will be managed. The Pledge Agreement has a reference number which the individual use for record keeping. (You can think of it as a share certificate, with on difference, the benefits cannot be sold. The individual listed on the Pledge Agreement will always receive the benefits stipulated on the Agreement, for as long as the Homecare Foundation remains operational using the technology we develop)


The Pledge Agreement stipulates that the parent or staff member will receive the 50% of the funds, even after the parent’s children has left the schools. Employees will also receive 50% of their retail spending, even if they resigned from the school.


We could have offered a lower 25% reward to BBN network, and we are going to offer this if there is open space in the project after parents of CVO schools were approached. We ask parents and teachers to work on more than just to create a safe environment for the schools to operate in. We ask them to help restore growth in our economy, we ask them to help us so that we can help bedridden patients etc.


We create an opportunity for an individual who wants to support important technology to do this without donating any personal funds. The individual only need to change his/her method of paying for groceries and the retail companies in fact pay the “shareholding” on behalf of the individual.


We do not want to end our reward towards such an individual after the person’s child matriculated. The reward will remain until the individual has passed on.


We are in lock-down season, and we can start the process to support schools, even while in lock-down. 

Information of parents who register will be shared with the schools. There will be parents who ask family members to also join the project, in order to help these parents, become in a position where they can receive up to R6 000 per month. (This will actually benefit the school. The parent might struggle to pay for example R4 500 school fees for 2 children. There is actually a risk of being able to pay it at all. Now, the parent was willing to spend time on this website, jumped for the opportunity and asked family to also help, the parent actually bring in R10 500 per month towards the school.)


The software will allocate the R6 000 from family plus the R4 500 (school fees payable) to the school and the Homecare team will pay these fees to the school. The R1 500 will go to the parent and his/her family. It might be that next year; the parent only has one child at school. The school fees drop to R2 250.   The school will now receive the R6 000 plus the R2 250 = R8 250. The parent and family will now share R3 750, all based on the percentage they shared to create the R12 000 retail spending.


School boards will after registration process has been completed, be in a position where they can start to plan how they want to manage the 4-month period while we complete Security technology development and arrange implementation of such software.


Things to consider when School boards plan the way forward:


It is on our hearts to point out what we would have done if we needed to manage a possible cash-flow restricted period.


The CVO schools is actually in a unique position where parents and school board has better relationships than in ordinary state schools. (It is easier to implement action plans when people know each other and each’s personal circumstances.)


The first step would be to share information with parents as soon as possible. To invite parents to read this site and to register. (We explain on the Registration page how Lucia van Wyk will be involved in the process)


The next thing is to ask parents to identify if they perhaps rent properties or own properties. (It may sound stupid, but the reality is that banks will allow homeowners payment holidays on bond repayments, but we believe that land lords will not be keen to extent a hand to support tenants.)


The chance is greater that tenants will be under more financial pressure to pay school fees. People owning property might be asked to please arrange with banks for holiday payments arrangements and keep their commitments in place to pay school fees in full. 

There might be a scenario where the school board will be forced to approach parents with the financial ability to even provide short term loans just to keep the school operational.


When the school board know how much funds they can expect, based on the Software allowance we can supply after we launched, School boards can then negotiate with these parents to borrow money with a repayment plan. The loans might even include interest for example.


The financial management of the school is important. There might be scenarios where up to 40% of planned cash flow could be lost for the next 4 months. (Remember, nobody expected what will happen to occur in January 2020.)


It is important for School boards to communicate with parents, even if it is on an individual basis, to determine the financial circumstances of parents.


The most important expenses remain the salaries of employees. The School Boards who registered will at least be able to negotiate with staff that if needed, salary drops will be for a short period. If there is a drop in salaries, it could be handled as loans that staff provide to the schools. The schools can use their portion of funds generated out of software to re-pay these short term loans with interest.


Staff should know that this project will actually enable the school to implement a business plan where the staff eventually are in a better financial position than before the start of 2020.


Staff will receive 100% of their grocery spending while they work at the CVO schools after we launched the Security software. To become into a position where you receive your full salary (after school is empowered to pay full salaries) plus to receive your personal groceries without paying for it is a huge benefit. (More detail on the Registration page.)


If the School board, parents and teachers join forces, the 4-month period will soon be over, and things will become better for the entire school.



We want to end this page with the following message. The parents will have the Lock-down period to their advantage. The Homecare board will proceed with our other plans to invite South Africans if we see that the CVO schools take up too much time, that might put us under risks.


We only need approximately 3 000 South Africans in the Pre-Launch phase. (We will involve more if we need to manage our commitments towards the CVO structure).


We have access to 30 000 South Africans if we allow the 3 teams to use our software platform plus the videos about the project we will complete after lock-down.

  1. BBN Network can invite 2 000 (View mail send by Brenda)

  2. Wollies has access to 6 000 supporters on their network (View mail from Cilla Trexler) (Wollies send representatives to the video shoot and we are actually working on a video so that Wollies can invite their 6 000 supporters into the project)

  3. Scarra Ntubeni gave his commitment to ask 22 000 followers on his twitter account to help restore growth in our economy.


We explain on the next page our plan to access more than 1 million South Africans. (We could have asked them to participate in the Pre-Launch period….but we do not expect to do this now.)


We also have access to approximately 350 estate agents in our current network who will already join the project to purchase groceries. They receive media benefits which we can explain with more detail on request. We include their retail spending in the R8 million target we set aside to reward people who participated in the Pre-Launch phase. (Only our current network of principals are allowed to invite their teams, These principals are all under enormous pressure as a result of the Lock-down period)


We however give our commitment as the Homecare Board, that we will not open our invitations towards other people before 15 May 2020. The current position is that we expect Lock-down to end at 30 April.


The story how God had sent Scarra to Pieter is actually remarkable. We will one day give more information about the journey in this project. What is remarkable is also that Pieter never knew that Scarra had spent a lot of his time with Hanno Fourie. This photo was taken before Pieter met Scrarra. Johan Fourie (Hanno's dad) mailed Pieter this photo after Johan heard about our decision to invite Scarra into management.

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