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Advanced magazine technology

Cover page

Inside cover page

Inside back cover page

Back cover page

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We wish it was possible to explain to readers just what advanced technology we already worked on for this project…

The images above might help give a better idea.


We were the only publishing company who were able to print magazines with our own software we developed. A publishing house for example Getaway magazine, will use two or three employees to work on the magazine’s content and lay-out so that files about the magazine can be published and magazines printed.


It would have been impossible for any company to approach Getaway magazine and ask them to please print one magazine for a client where 4 pages of this specific magazine should be individually designed. (They might have been willing to do it for one client, but the production costs would have been exceptionally high)


Just imagine you phone Getaway magazine and ask that they should produce 300 000 individual magazines? An impossible task….


We programmed software that enabled us to print different individual magazines where we at one stage used 26 different magazine titles. From Complete Golfer, CAR, Rooi Rose, Woman&Home to even the hunting magazines.


We were the only company where 2 production staff, using advanced technology were able to accomplish the impossible.


The challenge was the way we managed content to be printed. The following will give readers a better understanding.

Cover page

We produced one Cover page where the photo of the client was included into artwork that the original magazine on shelves also printed. In the example of the magazine printed for Mr Kekana on the April 2016 Getaway magazine, the Getaway magazine included articles about the Kruger National Park, about hiking trips in the Baviaanskloof, about the Crocodile River etc. The cover page included these text and furthermore included a heading where we talked about Mr Kekana who bought a Mercedes Benz C180 Coupe from Obakeng Matsididi at Mercedes Benz in Wonderboom.


The Cover Page also included a Collector’s Item number: 2016002983


Tinyiko Shipalana also received an April 2016 Getaway magazine when he bought his Volkswagen Polo Vivo 1,4 Eclipse from Benny Monyamane at McCarthy Volkswagen Wonderboom. Collector’s Item number: 2016002692


We also include other examples in the slide.


Inside Cover page

We used software to publish letters from companies where management of the branches thanked each client in person for trusting and allowing their sales executives to help them with their motor needs


Inside Back Cover page

This was actually the most difficult part of the software. On this page, the software produced content and images about the vehicle the client bought. The page also included an editorial about the sales executive’s family etcetera.


This may sound simple… The challenge is that there are literally thousands of options when it comes to vehicles. We needed to print content of a specific model. Different brands have different models and every year new models are released.


Content about each sales executive also differed. We interviewed each sales person, getting back ground information of where the person was born, where did he/she grew up, latest qualification, where they married, how many children, even the names of the family were stored. If a sales person has a baby for example 3 months old, the software will in the next month print an editorial where we refer to for example little Amy being 4 months old…


Can you even imagine providing such a service to thousands of individuals selling different vehicle brands?


Back Cover page

Here we printed an advertisement on behalf of the branch we supported. Each month, the dealership was able to change the add if they wanted to promote a new product. (remember, these magazine became coffee table magazines, often kept at offices)


Letters accompanying the magazines

Each magazine also received their own letters that were couriered with the magazines to the client’s work address. Readers should note that we even developed the software so that black clients received letters where we include black people in wheel chairs. White clients received media of white patients.

There is also a link (in pink) Feedback from another client. If readers open that link, they will see examples of how the back end of each letter even received media. We were able to print an image where a person’s hands on a steering wheel was teared into pieces.  If you drove a Toyota, the steering wheel of a Toyota was teared. The idea was that when a black client bought a vehicle, and he drove his Toyota, that the image will always remained in his mind. Black hands on a steering wheel teared into pieces will remind him/her that it could easily happen to them. Bedridden patient loose a privilege often taken for granted. You can lose the freedom of driving our own vehicle. (A white person will see white hands on a Toyota steering wheel)


If you approach any media house today, requesting them to help your business with such difficult tasks… we promise you they will show you where the door is.


Why all this information?

We want to explain to readers that the Homecare IT team is actually a remarkable group. We plan everything into the finest detail. We push boundaries where other IT groups will not dear to go.


You will soon read confidential information about the software we develop.


We want to explain that we know what is expected from us. God trust in us to accomplish the impossible. If we commit ourselves to support children who one-day need to represent God in other countries, we must be exceptional good in our job.


There are almost no white Afrikaans speaking software developers left in South Africa who are our age, with our experience. Most experienced developers left the country due to BEE pressure. We are both in our early and late forties, with years experience in the IT industry. If it wasn’t for our commitment to do a project for God, we would also have moved on to other countries.

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