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Advanced magazine technology

Example of response from a vehicle buyer

We are publishing one example of a mail received from a client just to explain how effective our services are to motor sales executives. 

magazine to client

e-mail from client

images on back of letter

front of letter



Professor Lenyai wrote the following mail to Obakeng (The sales executive working at Mercedes-Benz Wonderboom):  


“Dear Obakeng,


I misplaced my golf magazine where I appear with my wife and the car we bought from you shortly after I received it. I have just recently found it, and read it. Hence the belated response. When I first met you, you impressed me as caring and thoughtful young man. I did not realize then how caring you are until I read about your participation in the project assisting people living with Motor Neuron Diseases. Compassion is a rare trait among our young people. Keep it up if there are people like you then there is hope for the future.


Kind regards,


S Lenyai”


We were successfully helping the motor sales executives to get support from their existing clients. They increased business due to effective “word of mouth” marketing and being recommended to friends, family and colleagues of their existing clients.

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