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Well planned media

Extra Grocery Platform


Agents support this important project to gain media support.

The Homecare team will communicate up to 8 times per month with residents in the agent's marketing area. The Extra Grocery Software platform that is geared up to assist the Low-Income people will in our opinion be utilized by thousands… The current economy with high fuel prizes, the recession and all the other outside factors will force employers to help their wage-earners.

Food prizes will increase, hence doing anything possible to help poor people get access to important essentials will be done by numerous people. We expect to work with at least 60% of residents in the agent's marketing area.

The Homecare team decided that communication regarding finances should be done with the images of the “Ambassadors” in the e-mails.

It will have an important effect on the public’s subconscious minds.

Remember that we help the person to help his/her staff. People that are important to them. If we link finances to the action of presenting the agent… it automatically imprints a message that our Ambassador agent is trusted with finances.

The reality is that our Ambassador agent actually will do nothing about finances. The employers will use the website to order vouchers for staff.

We decided that we will program delays into the e-mail structure that will be used to confirm with employers that the Homecare Fund received payments… It could be a delay of up to 4 hours. We want to create the impression that the “Ambassador” is aware about the fact that funds were received… It will be as if our Ambassador agent is actually involved. (We will on a daily basis mail our Ambassador agent a report on the number of people who received his/her communication and how much they paid in… it is just a mail that our Ambassador agent can read if he/she is interested. It is not our Ambassador agent's responsibility to encourage people to buy vouchers)

The effect of such well-planned media will be that when the person wants to buy/rent/sell/let a property, that in their minds our Ambassador agent will be the person to contact. Most people prefer to work with people they can trust… Buying/renting or letting/selling a property involves huge financial commitments.

These people will also recommend our Ambassador agent to others when they hear about property needs. They will do this, purely because they will believe that our Ambassador agent is a person selling/letting property, not for personal gain alone, but for a cause.


We emphasis the picture of our Ambassador agent in our media campaigns…  People need to know our Ambassador agent as individual. The principal will do his/her best to promote the agency’s brand name…. We however know that human beings are programmed to remember faces… Branding is a new concept in our brains. People will remember the agent’s face and will recognize the agent when they see him/her in town.


Opposition agents will find it difficult an expensive to advertise themselves. Can you imagine what it will cost to distribute flyers of themselves on a weekly basis to homeowners in your marketing area? Not only the costs… what content will they publish on of their flyers? When people are not in the market to buy/rent or sell/let, they do not want media about properties.


It is one message, an “Association message” that will change the destiny of estate agents… It is a message that we can convey to people who will in future need their services.


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