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Accommodation Companies

E-mails and endorsement letters from:



The Homecare team negotiates with estate agents to become a Homecare Ambassador.


The most important aspect that will help agents to secure additional business, is to be portrayed as a "Trust Worthy" person.


Sales is based on trust... We explain on the website link for estate agents how our Grocery Support software and how the Enjoy Life Phone App technology will be utilized to broadcast that a small number of agentsis in our view "Trust Worthy" to thousands of residents in the agent's marketing area.

The estate agents are requested to help with negotiations to support our "Key Partners"

We will work with approximately 745 estate agents strategically positioned across the country. The estate agents will receive access to information posted on this website. These people will be able to meet with business owners in their local areas and explain how we can help businesses to increase income and safe costs. It will only take approximately 3 days to talk to 60% of the tourism industry if all the agents nationally share the workload.


The Ambassadors will for the rest of their careers benefit tremendously. We explain only one media section on the next page. We do a lot of work to ensure that estate agents working on this project should be in a financial position where they do well in their industry.


The estate agents will also in future constantly remind South Africans to support the Enjoy Life app and the  booking site.

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