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Tourism (media)


The Homecare team developed the “Enjoy Life” phone app which will be used as a media tool to communicate with South Africans and foreigners. People will not install a phone app for media or security purposes alone. The Homecare team is therefore developing the “Enjoy Life” app with unique features.


In short, the “Enjoy Life” app will be the app that offers the lowest prices on restaurant and fast-food meals in our country. We will re-invest up to R9.4 million per month, to subsidize restaurant specials even further. Romans Pizza might for example offer 2 large pizzas for R99 on their special. We will push this special to phone users for R50 and we will pay the franchisee the shortfall out of our budget. (The budgets and Fundraising Strategies are explained to readers on the Business Partners Page. We provide the password on request)


The phone app will also provide unique services… such as Bucket List software. (There is more detail available under Fundraising Strategies.)


The “Enjoy Life” phone app is part of the tools to grow our economy. One of the features is that when people in the hospitality industry ask foreign guests to download the App, that the app will change the interface to support foreigners. The first setting is to indicate the country in which the person resides. We can now use technology to help the tourism industry.


South Africa will be the only country where Ambassadors of our country can welcome a foreigner on their phones when they visit our country.


Phone technology can be the solution.

A welcome video clip can also broadcast important information that we need to convey to foreigners. Our Media Ambassador will inform the tourist that the Enjoy Life app is a proudly South African product, which all the companies in the tourism industry in Southern Africa use to provide services to our guests. 


The App user will be asked to notify the business owners should they experience bad service during their holiday. We need honest feedback so  the people involved (business owners & management) can rectify any problems guests experienced. We value our tourists enormously therefore honest feedback is needed.


Video clip on behalf of Ambassador of home country 

The next video clip that will play is a video clip in the language of the tourist. We will arrange that representatives of the different embassies will welcome guests from their countries (Our example is of the Chinese Ambassador in South Africa). They will then explain to the guests in their home language that the Enjoy Life app will help the tourists with exceptional restaurant deals, and furthermore help them with safety functions while these people visit our country.


The video clip will also explain to the guests that there is a team who will negotiate special deals for tourists which they can win when they use the Enjoy Life app during the holiday.  


The phone app will be used to push positive media about our country abroad.

The holiday competitions we will manage also use brilliant technology. The tourist will be asked to post pictures taken into social media via the Enjoy Life app.  They get entries into holiday competitions when they post pictures via the app. Our technology can determine how many Facebook or Myspace friends are linked to the tourist’s Facebook profile.  The tourist receives one entry per Facebook friend.


The Enjoy Life app will imbed the website address in the posting. (Website address of the company the person visits while touring the country.) Facebook or Myspace can then advertise the Guesthouse or lodge to friends of the tourist abroad when these people view the holiday photos.


It will help our South African holiday companies if we can push links of their businesses into social media, with recommendation messages from the clients who were at their businesses.


Homecare will in future invest 2% of our turn-over (Up to R2,9 million per month) into projects aimed at foreigners.


Media about services provided by companies supporting tourism

The Enjoy Life app will also push messages to foreigners and South Africans about our tourism industry, and it will only do this if the service is available. We can monitor with the technology if the personnel of the company are on the premises.  The Canopy Tour company for example will only push a message to a guest if the staff is there for the service.


Tripadvisor is a global product. They do not develop technology that integrate with staff of companies. We also need companies to be able to advertise specials without asking them any media costs. They might have a special for a day, and this message must be broadcasted to help these companies.


Tourism is a broad-spectrum industry. Guesthouses, Game farms etcetera relies on effective support from other companies surrounding them to help make a holiday a memorable event.



Media Partners

The Homecare Board also negotiate partnerships with at least 6 well-known South Africans to spearhead the media campaigns on TV and Radio.


These people will ensure that the software being developed will be used by a large number of South Africans.


South Africans are important to target when we plan to increase business for our “Key Partners”.


We will also use these people in media campaigns that will be sent to Travel Agencies abroad where we will explain how the Private Sector developed technology, and how partnerships with Private Security companies has been established to protect foreigners in our country. More about this in "Accommodation bookings & Transport"


These media partners will also be used to ask South Africans to unite behind us so that we can successfully approach foreigners and do our best to ensure that tourism from abroad will grow.

These Ambassadors will in talk shows explain that all the accommodation companies in South Africa are invited to use the support services, which include safety support at only 1% admin fee. They will explain that the Homecare team relies on the admin fee to pay for teams who interact with travel agencies abroad and who negotiate that these travel agencies should give South Africa a chance to host their clients.

The admin fee also pays for security services needed to protect the tourists. The public will be requested to ask the guesthouses they currently use for accommodation to please register on the website, so that they can receive bookings from their current clients. The public will be well-informed that booking agencies ask up to 27,1% ( including the new admin fee of 2,1%) just to provide guests to our accommodation industry. Costs that the business owners need to save so that the industry can remain intact.


We will explain that one of the best ways to restore our economy is to encourage foreigners to visit our country, to experience our hospitality, so that foreign currencies can get into our economy. This will have a direct impact on smaller businesses which will also help to reduce unemployment.


All the accommodation companies in South Africa will register within a short period, especially once they know that it is free to join, and the fees to receive clients and to provide security services to their client base is reasonable. Under "Accommodation bookings & transport" we explain how our “Key Partners” will in future get access to people who currently support other accommodation facilities in your area.

We already commenced with our negotiations. Readers of this page may also recommend people who we can approach. Once we concluded, a support contract, detail of the person will be shared with our client base.

Media Ambassadors

Scarra Ntubeni

Confirmed his support

Siya_Kolisi_for web.jpg

Siya Kolisi

Our first introduction meeting is completed. Siya is a remarkable person. He is willing to support the Homecare team. We are busy with his media agreement. 

Thulani Hlatshwayo

Thulani Serero

To be contacted

To be contacted

Elvis Blue

To be contacted

Jo Black

Had  a meeting with the Jo-Black production team on 12 September in Pretoria We are busy negotiating with Jo-Black to represent the Afrikaans population. Our next meeting is scheduled for 10 November in Kuilsriver

Cheslin Kolbe

Confirmed his support

Hashim Amla

To be contacted

Rassie Erasmus

To be contacted

Scarra asked permition that he and Siya talk to Rassie so that we can negotiate a Ambassador contract with Rassie. We might choose Rassie instead of Jo Black

The Homecare team asks our existing client base, plus readers of this website to provide us their opinion.

We issue shares to our National Media Ambassadors. It is important to select the person that will motivate South Africans best during our Pre-Launch phase and then once software has been tested, to support our National Media campaign.


The reason why we include sports personalities is that we will launch the Bucket List software, where media ambassadors will explain to phone users that planning small steps, will eventually lead to greater success in life. Both Rassie and Jo Black will in our opinion be able to assist.


The Homecare Board works for bedridden patients, companies (like yours) and for the country... The more opinions we gather, the better decision we can make.


Please watch the videos. Give us your opinion via

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