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Enemy do not share spoils

Relationship with enemy

Your enemies (Agents working under other flags) will never help you…


Test it for yourself... Ask the opposition agent to help you financially. Tell the agent that you had a bad month and that you unfortunately did not earn commission… Ask the agent to please lend you money? You promise to re-pay the loan as soon as your next commission pays in! (Come on, be a sport and phone another agent in you marketing area....)   

There should be a working relationship where you might share a listing or if the other agent has a sole mandate, where you share commission if they allow you to take your buyer to their sole mandates… but in general, they are your enemy… and enemy in general do not share the spoils!

You also need the agents in your area to help sell your sole mandates when the mandate period runs out. You need a relationship with the enemy, but you still need to understand that they will not help you if they can't benefit themselves.


Weapons & Battle strategy


We will first explain the weapons we develop to help agents win the WAR.

We will thereafter explain how we can implement a Battle Strategy and when the weapons will be used to achieve our goal which is to provide financial stability for agents in partnership.

Before we explain weapons, we just want to point out an important aspect. The software that is available for estate agents focus more on information about properties…


The reality is that although you sell a property, the focus should not be on the property… The focus should be on the Homeowner… As an agent you provide a service… you provide it to people. A property has an estimated value… But the fact is that the value on which the property will sell for has nothing to do with how many bedrooms, bathrooms etcetera the property has.


It is all determined by the homeowner’s personal circumstances. If a specific property will have a different value when it is owned by Person A, versus when the property was owned by Person B.


The software we develop has little to do with the features of the property… It has more to do with the person owning the property. We can help agents to become the most successful people in the marketing area, by simply help them to focus on the homeowners themselves.


When you have partners which we will explain, you can sell any property (does not matter how bad or good the condition of the property is at present), to buyers.

The entire website explains that we develop technology to help broadcast a message that people can and should “trust” you.

IT companies that develop software for the property industry will NEVER develop their software to help one agency outsell its opposition. They cannot take the risk to spend millions on development costs, and thereafter want to invoice only + 97 property companies. They will never make a profit out of these 97 property companies.

It is only the Homecare team that is different. We see value in a partnership with a small number of estate agents. The Homecare Foundation receive income for other people out of non-property related income streams. For us, to develop technology that is aimed in securing more business for a small group of agents makes sense.

The advanced technology we provide will only play a small, but important role in our strategy to help agents. Planning, teamwork and other tools outside the technology will ultimately crush your opposition. We want the estate agents who are our “Ambassadors” to be free of financial strains, we want them to have adequate family time!           

We will explain to agents the relationship strategy with buyers and sellers with more detail in the different sections that follow. Agents should remember that at least 75% of their time should be allocated to homeowners. It takes time to build trust relationships and agents often think that they should win the trust of "Buyers" to succeed. You need the buyer's "Trust" but it is not as important as having the Seller's "Trust" 

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