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What is important in life?

Family time

Financial stability

Homecare support

Most principals agree that less than 20% of rookies entering the property industry has a chance to succeed.

The real question should actually be: How many agents remain in the industry for longer than 10 years?

We believe this to be less than 3%.

There are numerous reasons why agents in general are not successful. The dominant problem is that agents struggle to manage their diaries in such a manner that they have adequate family time... 

Agents who are earning larger commission are often working longer hours (weekends and in the evenings). Being away from home has a NEGATIVE impact on their families.

Listings take up much time of the agent. Without mandates to sell, it is impossible to remain in the industry. Agents need stock, (overpriced and well-priced) to win a buyer's trust that the property they present is the best option to buy!


Agents often resign from the industry under pressure from their spouses. They struggle to convince their partners that appointments with homeowners is important and that they will not earn income if the stock levels are low.

Family time is important for the Homecare Board… We understand the daily challenges agents experience… We also believe that it is possible to address these huge challenges of securing enough family time and to be in a position where substantial commission income can be earned while working in the property industry.

Our Ambassadors will soon find that:

It is possible to manage your diary in such a manner that family time can be scheduled...   It is however only possible if you are in "demand".

Most inexperienced agents list properties after-hours when homeowners are back from work. They then have to visit these properties twice to take photos. There are agents that lack the ability to persuade the homeowners to take time off from work and schedule times slots that suite the agents. (In general, when agents phone a person, they are obligated to book their appointments according to the home-owner’s availability…)

It is only when the homeowner phones the agent, that the agent can suggest a listing time that will suite the agent better


It is possible to address all these challenges if you have the backing of a well-planned battle plan. If you work in the property industry, you should think of it as participating in a WAR.

Agents with less experience:

It is fair to say that more than 95% of estate agents never planned to be in the property industry. We do not find kids at pre-school who answer to their teachers when they are asked what do you want to become one-day? That they would answer "I want to be an estate agent... "

NO, every child want to become a policeman, a doctor etcettera...

Life however has its own plans. It is unfortunately a reality that a large number of people are forced by circumstances to accept a sales position in some kind of industry. These people are all promised by their management teams that they can make a "$@$@!**^" load of money, if they work hard.

This might be true, but it can be a scenario where you do work hard, and still do not succeed. The truth is that you may work for a team leader who do not know everything about the industry you work in, or do not care about the financial position of the team he/she manages.

If you read this website as an Agent, it will be after your principal joined our team. You can therefore know that the Homecare Board has invited your principal and we believe that he/she would be a person who will do his/her best to ensure financial success for you as an agent..


This website address all the important points to help agents secure business.


We explain how and where to focus.  Please know that your success is part of our focus. The Homecare team must ensure that people acting as "Ambassadors" will remain in the industry.

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