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Open Mandates

A “listing meeting” is the most important appointment.


An agent should be in a position to determine the real reason why the homeowner wants to sell. (It could be that the person wants to upgrade or downgrade in the agent’s marketing area). The agent can only determine the real motive for selling if he/she meets the person face to face… Homeowners will not with a telephone conversation tell the agent that they experience financial difficulty. It is however important to understand the motive for selling… 

It will only be possible to get the true motive for selling if the agent succeeds in his/her task to win the homeowner’s TRUST.


It is unfortunately not possible to win a person’s TRUST if you only spend 15 minutes with the person. It will take at least an hour with a well-planned approach to succeed.


There is a LOT of information about listings that the Stock Controllers will reveal to agents. Winning the homeowner's TRUST also involve support from additional people like the Stock Controllers. We explain how communication and Weekly Feedback will eventually be the ultimate weapon that will help agents succeed. (More detail is published under Weekly Feedback link.)


We mentioned that it is important to sell the entire company to homeowners when you have the listing meeting. Agents will use this website, plus their Ambassador Badges to sell the company as an important team.


There are also numerous reports which the agents will use to ensure that the homeowner receive the message that the agent is well-informed.


Homeowners will TRUST the agent if they know that the agent is well trained, and is informed about what the market is doing.


We give readers access to example reports agents will in future use. The reports will make more sense after the Stock Controllers explained in detail how each report work, and how agent can use these reports when they work with the homeowners.


Agents will in future visit the website and open the Business Partners Page. They will explain to homeowner that a small group of Principals in the country joined forces to help important projects in our country.


The agent will open the Principal Ambassador link and search for the picture of his/her principal.


The agent will thereafter click on the picture to open reports linked to the company.


Readers can click on this picture and use the following password to open example reports: show

(You will be redirected back to this page if you opened the reports.)

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Readers are welcome to view example reports. The Homecare team will set-up reports that the principal might need. There are different reports and we only published a few examples.

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