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Business Partners


The technology we develop will in future contribute to early contact with homeowners. The Homecare Board knows that strategic business partners furthermore ensure that opposition agents will not outsmart our Ambassador Partners.

Business owners in Accommodation Industry


Staff in the accommodation industry will be some of the best business partners an agent can rely on.

One of our focus points is to help agents to work with people who NEED their services. There are numerous cases where employees are transferred other towns. They often take a few days of and book into guesthouses to find a home.

People that are not residing in the marketing area will more likely ask for an agent to assist. People who are locally residing will often prefer to buy from homeowners directly.


It is therefore important to be the first agent to help a person from another town. The guesthouse owners will contact the Ambassador Agents when guests book accommodation when they are house hunting.


Readers will understand why the business owners will help us. They will not easily invite other agents, although the other agents might offer a spotter fee. The Accommodation Companies link explain how we help these business owners to do more business. We help them with their core business, and they will not help agents for an occasional commission which they anyway do not want to follow up on.

Building and Renovation Companies


The Homecare team will within months start to negotiate partnerships for our property partners.


The objective is to secure Sole Mandates and to help agents get access to listings during office hours.


A partnership with well-positioned companies is vital if you want to win the WAR. Building & renovation companies in general have small marketing teams that help them source business. (Often it is only the business owner who has the responsibility to find work.)

These people are often called upon by homeowners who decide to sell their properties. There are homeowners who will do minor renovations before asking agents to help sell. It is important that these renovation companies recommend the Ambassador agents.

Renovation board.jpg

It is costly for such business owners to employ a full-time marketing team. They will grab the opportunity to work closer with agents, especially if the agents work on a "Battle Plan" that we will discuss under Battle Strategy (Open & Sole Mandates).

The Homecare team will ensure a successful partnership with supporting companies. Any company that can help business owners of renovation companies with strategies to help their staff will be favoured in a business relationship. 

The Extra Grocery software platform will for example enable these people to receive 5% additional groceries instead of the 4% which wage earners in general will receive….  This will already add additional value to the business relationship.


The Homecare team will furthermore identify which staff working at the supporting companies has downloaded the Enjoy Life Phone App. These staff members will then receive a special code on their profiles.

Phones with such codes will receive a better edge when it comes to the distribution of fast-food specials. Our business plan is to re-invest 6% of the funds we raise (+ R10,7 million per month) back into phone marketing with fast-food businesses.   

Romans Pizza might for example offer a special (2 Large pizzas for R90). Our strategy is to offer this special to the first 10 phone users per area that book via the Enjoy Life app for R40 during the afternoon. We will pay the franchisee the shortfall out of the fast-food budget. Special code phones will receive this special for R10 for the first 3 phones that book.

The Homecare team develops a website where content of support companies is published. We will allow agents to log into the website when they work with their clients.


We help Construction, Building, Renovation companies, any company that provide services to homeowners to upload their “Brag Files” into the website. A Company that for example specialize in building kitchen cupboards that is situated in the Eastern Part of Pretoria might request that their material reach homeowners in Pretoria, Centurion, Bronkhorstspruit, Delmas etc. The business owner might think that it is not worthwhile to support the public in Alberton.


Estate agents in the mentioned areas will be able to view examples of homes before the kitchens were upgraded, the time it took to complete the task, and the costs involved. It will help agents when they work with buyers, they want to present properties in the lower price brackets that could be upgraded to the client’s needs.


It might make financially sense to buy a lower priced property and renovate the property to the client’s needs. One should consider the huge costs (conveyancing costs -TAX) when the client purchases a higher priced property. The TAX saving can easily be utilized to pay for the upgrades on the lower priced properties.


We explain what tools agents in our network will need to provide exceptional services.  

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