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Agents & Admin


The Homecare Board requires that each employee participate in the project by purchasing a portion of their personal groceries via the Extra Groceries platform.


We ask participants to use gift-cards to pay for their groceries and not to use normal credit/debit cards or to use cash.


This will help the Homecare Foundation to reach bulk purchasing targets, required to help the wage earners earn discount on their grocery purchases.


Agents who want to be presented as Ambassadors are required to purchase a minimum amount of their personal groceries via the platform.

Remember this is NOT "Online Shopping". People still purchase groceries in stores. We only ask them NOT to pay their groceries with cash, debit or credit cards. 

Our supporters still use their Smart Shopper cards and get all the discounts & benefits. The Homecare team receives 5% of the supporter’s current spending in retail, that we use to fund the development period.

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We ask agents and admin to please support us with a minimum of R500 per month. Remember, you do not loose or donate the R500. You bay fro your personal groceries via the Gift Cards. This minimum requirement is in our view a fair request. There is a lot of work involved in helping agents to outsell opposition.


The agents will receive media exposure based on the percentage support we receive from them.


The minimum purchases are required to help pay the Homecare Foundation’s operational costs while we set-up the network.


The software we develop allocate points to the agent for every R1 he/she spent on personal groceries via the platform. The software will calculate what percentage each agent contributed within their team. The software will then on a monthly basis provide Ambassador exposure on the Extra Grocery platform based on the percentage allocation.


The more the agent spent on personal groceries via the platform, the higher exposure the agent will receive compared to other agents in the agency.


The Homecare team work towards supporting 742 agents nationally, who will represent the Homecare Foundation as “Ambassadors”.


Agents will also be financially rewarded in a Competition structure.


The listing agents will receive points for the monthly competition. The software will award points using four methods. One is to award points for the number of listings the agent concluded for a specific month. The second is points to be awarded for the time it took the agent to list the property after being notified about the listing request. (The agent earns more points for the listing if it is concluded over a short period. We want agents to be fast with leads we provide. We will therefore allocate less points if there is an unnecessary time delay before homeowner receive support.) The third point allocation is calculated on how many contacts the agent has loaded onto the software. (We help agents with communication to source listing leads). The fourth is based on how much groceries the agent purchased via our software structure.


When we reach our business target, the Homecare team will pay out more than R6,4 million per month to support agents, stock controllers and principals. We will pay out more than 6 times what we could earn if we receive 5% donations on successful transactions where our team were involved in a transaction.


We put a huge value on “Word of Mouth” marketing and we rely on agents to talk about our services once we are operational.


The winning agent will receive more than R148 000 in price money and the agent in last place will receive R2 624.


Our Ambassador agents will be well rewarded!


We hope that agents will join our team.

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