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Listing of Properties

In a difficult economy, it is recommended to change your entire approach towards selling properties. (Agents should implement marketing strategies that opposition might not think about.) Most opposition agents will lose their focus and this is the opportunity for agents in partnership to take market share.     

The idea is to enlarge the agent's "buyer pull" per property. Most agents take buyers to properties according to price range and affordability. (Agents will even take a buyer to a property that is slightly more expensive and will thereafter try to negotiate with the seller an offer to help the buyer purchase the “better” property.)


It is better to present properties that can within a two-month period be altered and upgraded to suite the client’s needs, to buyers who can qualify for larger bonds. ​

The challenge remains to be first to secure a meeting with the homeowners. It will take the Homecare team up to 6 months to ensure that agents will be contacted first. The Extra Grocery Software platform will already convince homeowners to contact agents before opposition. The business relationships with strategic business partners such as guesthouse owners, restaurateurs and building & renovation companies will also create earlier contact.

Ambassador Agents must furthermore get listing appointments during office hours. They will receive phone calls from homeowners and they can then schedule meetings according to their diaries if other people recommended them. (Homeowners phoned the agent and it is custom for the homeowner to accept the agent’s diary schedule)

It is possible to arrange meetings (if the agent has partnerships with renovation companies) during office hours, even when all the technology we develop is not in place. The agent can ask homeowners to take time off from work, so that the agent can view the property during daylight if the agent has access to marketing material where construction costs and examples of properties that have been renovated are available.

The agent will explain over the phone that he/she wants to include buyers that can buy for much more than the asking price, with a marketing plan that renovations could be included to upgrade property for buyers that qualify for larger bonds. The agent needs to view the property during daylight. The homeowner can discuss with the agent renovation options if they had extra funds to renovate the property themselves.

The number of available mandates is the cornerstone on which agents built their businesses. The partnership with renovation companies is only one suggestion… It will however help to secure better listing appointments during office hours.


Agents in partnership will need the following when we support them via the network:

Laser Distance Meter



We ask agents to use Laser Distance Meters when they work with homeowners. We will provide numerous information pages to the Stock Controllers which will then be handed to the agents.


There are numerous reasons for the Laser Distance Meters. One important focus point is to show the homeowners that you work in a close relationship with the renovation companies.


There is a lot of work ahead. We first need to help the Stock Controllers alter the listing cards and thereafter train the agents in partnership. Readers should remember that most systems are designed to gather information about the property… In this project, we gather information about the property, but more in a way to support renovation companies. (If agent decide to introduce buyers that want to alter property)


The information that will help agents grow market share that is not available on existing listing cards has more to do with the homeowner (the person).


The MOST IMPORTANT TOOL = Dedicated Stock Controller!

Matilda Meintjies



  • Research the internet and other media structures to find properties that became available to market

  • Arrange listing appointments for the team

  • Manage the feedback processes to homeowners (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday: Maximum 5 per time-slot)

  • Manage the exposure of Boards on behalf of agents in the marketing area

You will on the following pages read why the Homecare team will require at least two photos from the agent:

Corporate photo
black woman.jpg
Family & other photos

The corporate photo will be used in e-mail media and phone media campaigns.

There is a saying: “A Picture is worth a thousand words”. And we believe that an “Association is worth a million words”.


We ask agents to send in other photos that will portray them as people who have a private life. It could be a family photo or photos of the agent doing sport or other free time activities.


These photos will be published on the website. It is important to use these photos when agents introduce the team to homeowners. We manage a campaign that explain why the agency ask their full commission. The homeowner must understand, and the message is conveyed into their subconscious minds, that there is usually a hole team involved in helping the agent sell properties.


There are often a spouse and kids who offer up family time to help the agent. Homeowners will find it easier to accept the required commission structures. The agents will just show the photos without making a fuzz about it. But the agent listing the property will build a better trust relationship with the homeowner when these images are used.

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