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It is sad to know that most patients diagnosed with motor neuron diseases (especially males) between the ages of 30 and 45 ends up at their parents for frail care support. These parents are in most cases pensioners who now must spend large amounts on support.


The pensioners often must employ staff who can help them to bath and feed the patients. They cannot do it themselves. The costs easily exceed R12 000 per month to look after these patients. Costs of medicine, nappies and other unforeseen costs all contribute to the pensioners getting into financial trouble.


The parents then approach their church leaders, begging for financial aid. The current pressure on churches with the low economy also put pressure on the church leaders.


The platform is being developed to enable family and friends of the caretaker to help with the high frail care costs, without asking them for large donations. Our research showed that 20 family/friends/congregation members who know the caretaker can easily raise R5 200 per month, by simply purchasing their own groceries via the software platform. (The R5 200 will be raised without any energy we put in on other structures to help fund the caretaker’s costs.)


We cannot expect any of these people to purchase groceries at a specific group for example Pick n Pay. The families supporting the caretaker must be able to purchase groceries at their preferred stores.


The software platform we develop will enable us to collect for example 5% of one family’s groceries purchased at Woolworths and load the 5% credit onto the caretaker’s gift-card where the caretaker purchase at Shoprite.


It is one of the most important software platforms we develop. It will reduce the pressure on congregations. Church communities will therefore be willing to support the other platforms we develop to also add additional funds towards the caretaker’s costs.

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