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Accommodation Companies

Grocery Support Software
Benefit for Accommodation Companies

One of the most important focus points is to help labourers in the tourism industry gain additional groceries. We use Phone App technology to support the Extra Grocery platform. The objective is not only to help staff gain additional groceries, but more importantly to increase service delivery by using technology.

Businesses using our platform will increase income. They can implement strategies to reward loyal staff.

The Enjoy Life app will monitor when phone users stayed in guesthouses. The App will know which clients booked accommodation via the booking site or who was uploaded into the database to receive security support. The App will ask guests upon leaving the guesthouse to identify a personnel member who they would like to reward for exceptional services. (The photos of the staff will appear on the phone user’s platform. Staff that were working during the period the guest stayed.)


Busines owners can either load a set amount onto the database to be shared with staff, or they can for example share a percentage of the room fees with staff. (For example 2% of accommodation fees received)


The Phone user will then be able to nominate people that should receive a larger portion of the budget earmarked to reward staff. The software will share a portion amongst the Nominees and the balance amongst the rest of the team.


Staff will know that friendly service will reward them better. This process will assist business owners tremendously.


Staff will already gain access to additional groceries without a reward system. The 4% additional groceries when they are supported similar to how domestic workers will receive support will already make a positive contribution to their lives.

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