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Accommodation Companies

Grocery Support Software




The software we develop will be used by companies and ordinary people to purchase digital vouchers from all the food companies for their employees when they are paying out wages. This software platform will become a strategic tool to help the Homecare Foundation and Child Protection organizations to support the vulnerable.


The Grocery Support Software is a simple solution to help thousands of lower income people. It will also help reduce risks of possible farm murderers where we believe that farm attacks might be related to the misconception that large amounts of cash could be on the farms.


Companies in the hospitality industry will also be able to use the software platform to support their staff.


Benefit for Food Companies


Food companies benefit when they reduce the number of cash-intakes. It is COSTLY to transfer cash via security companies and thereafter to bank the cash into their bank accounts!


Everybody gains if software can reduce cash handling costs.


The cost savings is conveyed to low-income people which result in them getting access to more groceries.



It will only be possible to support millions of low-income people if we use advanced technology to interact with the different food companies.


South Africa’s unemployment rate in the first quarter of 2015 was at its highest level since 2003, Statistics SA reported in May 2015. The results of the first quarter showed that the working age population was 35.8 million, which included 15.5 million employed, 5.5 million unemployed and 14.8 million not economically active people.


We will discuss the platform in 3 sections:

  1. How domestic workers will benefit when their employees assist them

  2. How churches can support their congregation when frail care support is requested

  3. How accommodation companies can support their staff 


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