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Child Protection Organizations

Changes in fundraising focus points     

We received comments from coloured management teams that fundraising activities and support from white business owners are not fair. White business owners will donate larger amounts to organizations with white management teams.

This project will erase all the problems management teams experience.

We need to address all the fundraising challenges and we must talk about racial relationships.

This project will not only focus on white business owners. Phone technology enables us to secure funds out of all the racial classifications.

Only a small percentage of our fundraising strategy is to target business owners. South Africa is also changing and it is a fact that businesses are slowly moving into black ownership. We will explain our approaches towards business owners later in the website.


The Enjoy Life phone app enables us to raise funds out of black, coloured and white phone users. Everybody wants to Enjoy Life… Everybody buys essentials such as groceries… Everybody often supports fast-food businesses.


We can with technology raise small amounts from salary and wage earners…. These funds will in our view exceed the amounts that we can raise from business owners. We will fail the child protection organizations if our support plan was purely based on targeting business owners.

It is also a fact that black and coloured people are now also earning larger salaries. The BEE projects force companies to employ larger amounts of previously disadvantaged people and these people are now in the top positions at companies. We will explain to these people that to protect children (black, white coloured, it doesn’t matter), we engage with everybody. We are South Africans who stand together to save lives of children.

Our business model does not allow any person to choose if funds must reach white, or coloured or black children… Our business model is fair…. The allocation of funds is about how the different management teams will now support us in our role-out campaigns.

In our view, this is God’s app. It is software that we develop to support people who pray to God and who ask for His support. God does not distinguish between colour or racial classifications. Our board will NEVER EVER distinguish between management teams.

It is important to read the entire website, until you reach the section where we explain how technology will determine the amounts to be distributed amongst different child protection teams.

Summary of different focus points that will help child protection organizations:

Child protection management teams will in future be able to plan and rely on the following income streams:

  1. Subsidies (Financial support from Social Welfare) which remains a large focus point to cover costs. (We believe, hope and pray that this will always be part of the financial budget, although we expect that budget cuts will be part of the future)

  2. The CEO should still approach traditional organizations that assist financially such as The National Lottery to ask for financial support.

  3. The child protection management teams with their own fundraising staff must still plan and host their own fundraising events. (We will provide technology to help source more people who will attend such events)

  4. The Homecare team will in future employ a professional “Fundraising team”, who can help fill in shortfalls on budgets for child protection companies who struggle. Their full-time task is to secure constant cash-flow for child protection branches under distress. (Payments from Homecare team)

  5. The CEO can rely on the Enjoy Life phone app income that creates the ability to raise small amounts from a large number of people, including as low as LSM Income 2 residents. These small amounts will be raised out of beverage sales as well as commission out of groceries purchases etc. from a food store convenient to the public. (Payments from Homecare team)

  6. Seasonal campaigns that the Homecare team will manage to help secure funding from residents if the branches are still behind with their fundraising and donation targets. (Payments from Homecare team)

  7. Additional projects that the Homecare Foundation will implement in future to ensure that we source as much funds as possible out of our own economy, before we approach the Global relieve funds.  

We realized while we were working on business plans to safeguard child protection organizations that most of the management teams struggle with the employment of fundraisers. There are often not well-trained people who have the ability to build strong business relationships with companies that successfully secure enough funds.

Our objective is to resolve this huge problem. This being said, we will only employ a professional team after the software development has been completed. There is a lot of software structural changes that we must complete if we want to ensure that a large number of businesses will sign debit orders to help fund child protection branches.

We were almost ready to launch the project so that we can support caretakers of bedridden patients. We are now aware that we must source at least in the region of R97 million per month, just to support child protection branches with financial shortfalls. (We predict that we will need to support + 750 branches with between R40 000 up to R330 000 per month, depending on the size of the organization. These will be additional fees that we will be able to help source. Branches that are actively involved might receive more than R330 000 per month out of our partnership.)

This is a daunting task… something that most people will never attend. You will on the next page read about God’s app…. You will only after reading the entire website comprehend how it is possible to achieve what most people will be afraid of.

We also took weeks to think about what will be fair…. We need in our view to act on what we think God would have expected from us. We have to allocate funds that we raise out of wealthy communities towards areas where child protection branches cannot secure funds out of their own poorer communities.

We believe that our proposal is fair… We need to ask child protection organizations who are doing well at the moment to please study this website… There are changes coming into the child protection industry, that will have an impact on the way fundraising and donation income is secured.

Our national media campaigns might influence existing support that stronger child protection organizations receive from people they know. Our intention is not to harm existing relationships, but we unfortunately need to focus on a national structure and we are forced to support child protection branches that struggle at the moment.

We cannot step away from our calling just to protect the existing relationships that stronger branches have with a small number of individuals. We can in fact help stronger branches secure more income out of a larger number of people.

This project is now going ahead and our commitments to support child protection organizations that already asked us to help them will be fulfilled.

It will not make sense to support for example only Child Welfare Organizations or only ACVV branches. The protection of children is a service that the Government shares with different NGO groups. It is important that all the groups are in a position to work with less financial pressure.

We explain how we will support all the participating branches under “Funds towards child protection”. Again, it is software that will distribute funds and it is therefore important to read our entire business plan, to decide if your organization should join our project.

A branch consisting of 15 persons (Board members + Staff) can within 6 weeks already receive + R21 000 per month out of the digital voucher project. We explain this in detail under "Funds Towards Child protection". It is possible to change the destiny of child protection branches within a short period.

The risk is that when we launch the Enjoy Life phone app, that the app might be downloaded within weeks by a large number of people. Photos of child protection social workers are listed on the person’s phone. We link phone users to financially support certain branches. These links will unfortunately determine how much financial support a branch will receive….

Please do not miss the boat. There is only ONE boat and it is in the harbour preparing for a voyage. If you are not on the boat, you might find fundraising even more difficult after we are gone!

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