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Homecare's Friends

Homecare Foundation re-invest a percentage of funds raised into projects to help secure a constant growth in funds

5% of funding towards restaurant deals 

We explain this important action plan in detail. The Enjoy Life app’s success depend on our ability to offer items that people want at such low rates, that they will download the Free app.

The app is developed with a function where you can get access to great deals, if you are quick enough to book the exceptional deals. There will always be one or two items at extreme reduced rates and more items at normal reduced rates.

The Homecare Foundation will in future re-invest up to R5.3 million per month into restaurant deals. We might spend up to R44 905 at a restaurant to help such partner increase sales and also to reward phone users.


This example explains:

Menu price of steak is R140. The actual cost to provide such steak is+ R60. The Foundation want to advertise the steak for only R25 to the first person that book the steak via the Enjoy Life app. There is a shortfall of R35 to help the restaurateur in the project.


We will be able to arrange 1 283 restaurant guests per month if we need to fund only steak specials out of the R44 905. The restaurateur will collect the R35 shortfall from the Homecare Restaurant fund. This is a huge number of guests that we will source. Remember that the guest will bring a partner… and perhaps children. We will source 61 tables per day if we exclude Friday and Saturday nights. We will obviously advertise different menu specials. We might source more clients if we subsidize other menu items.

Our focus is to systematically help the restaurateur to receive profit on the specials. The restaurateur will eventually receive the full menu price and will have a full restaurant every day it is open. The Enjoy Life app users will receive specials that can even be offered at a lower rate (for example R10 per steak) and the Foundation will fund the shortfall.

We will always support the restaurant, even if the restaurateur is doing exceptionally well. It is part of our strategy to support patients. People should Enjoy Life, and great restaurants can help us with this task.

8% of funding towards fast-food deals 

The Foundation will donate up to R5.2 million into 210 fast-food businesses. Fast-food businesses have a lower cost, compared to restaurants, to provide products.

The Foundation will be able to construct more than 353 720 fast-food deals per month if we have to donate R15 towards meals to help reduce costs for Enjoy Life media campaigns. This will help to ensure that the app remains in usage for years to come.


2% of funding towards campaigns aimed at foreigners 

It is really important for us to work with tourists. They will support our restaurant partners and we can better support companies providing unique services such as Bungee Jumping, Shark diving companies etc.

The Foundation will use up to R1.2 million per month to construct deals for tourists. They will receive discount vouchers or even lucky draw prizes where they can use some of these facilities free of charge.

The value of the prizes (combined) will be much more than R1.2 million in cash we will contribute. We negotiate discounts etc… similar as what we do in restaurants.

We believe the best way to raise funds out of tourists is to implement an action plan where we help them to Enjoy their time in South Africa. They will support our patients if they understand that we work hard to earn funds and we prefer not to beg for funds.

5% of funding towards “bucket list” campaigns 

We will support about 500 app users per month when we reach our R3.2 million “Bucket list fund” target to be distributed amongst “bucket list” winners. Our intention is to award small amounts on certain bucket list items that could be as low as R2 000. We will also support selected winners with up to R80 000 to fulfill a “bucket list” item.

We will use a “bucket list team” of 10 employees just to support winners with negotiations. Most of their communication will be with existing business partners that we invite into the project. The Bungee jumping companies and the shark diving companies for example will know that for “bucket list winners” we often need discounts. (We help them free of charge with all their marketing actions)

The winners must always save money to help fulfill an item. We negotiate discount and subsidize a portion of their costs.   

The bucket list campaign will make a positive contribution to all the companies involved and will benefit the bedridden patients tremendously.

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