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R45 million from Enjoy Life app - beverage sales

The Foundation will partner with a large number of fuel stations, fast-food businesses and restaurants. We foresee to partner with at least 1 500 different businesses nationally where the public can list beverages they bought via their phone apps.


Our media campaign is simple: “Enjoy Life, buy yourself a coffee or any other drink from our business partners and we can support bedridden patients and children in need. The profit on your first drink goes towards people in serious need”.

The growth of the network where people can list coffee or other drinks will also be pushed by consumers on the app. We will launch with 105 restaurants and 210 fast-food businesses. We will use social media to invite more businesses. The phone app also asks users to recommend which fast-food businesses and restaurants they want on the app.


They can list a business so that we can start with negotiations. The software will then mail the business owner a request to register. We will explain that we already have x number of requests from the public that they would love to include the specific businesses in the project. They want to help patients and the protection of children and the users prefer not to only visit other restaurants & fast-food businesses on the Enjoy Life network.

This software works on a similar concept as "Linked In". In this case, consumers ask businesses to join the platform. This will motivate the other business owners to register on the platform. They will be concerned that their clients might not support them in future. We also need to point out that all the fast-food and restaurants receive free media support. They only donate the gross profit on the first drink (only one drink per table) after receiving service ratings etc. It is  a fair deal which we did research on. Fast-food companies and restaurants are willing to join the platform for such services.

The phone app software will remind app users when they enter businesses in partnership that it is easy to help patients & child protection… only take picture of till slip and enter yourself into the “Bucket List” drawings. Also, please remember to select one beverage you have purchased… it could even be a bottle water or cold drink. (The app can notify people using Google tracking technology and the app will therefore know when a person is in the catchment area of the restaurant or fuel station etc.)

The software is also programmed to monitor which “Bucket List” participants have not selected beverages during the last month. The app can ask them during the month to please support us. We will only engage with app users that are willing to use the “bucket List function”

The Foundation will receive small amounts per beverage via the software structure. We will reach R45 million per month if we monitor, encourage and manage beverage sales well (volume based income).


Short explanation of beverage sales:

We plan to support 1.7 million South Africans and 200 000 foreigners. We believe that almost 1 million users will only donate R8 (two cold-drink items listed per month). Gross profit on one coffee is on average R10.


We explain later that the Homecare Foundation will use 2% of turnover to involve tourists. We believe that at least 10% of tourists will buy 5 beverages via the Enjoy Life app.

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