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Homecare's Friends


Our political environment is putting considerable pressure on vulnerable people in our country. The Homecare board implements business plans to help caretakers survive during our challenging periods ahead.

We also support Child protection branches (ACVV, Child Welfare & other child protection groups) with fundraising activities. The child protection branches (the non-profit, non-governmental organizations) are required to raise in most cases more than 20% of their operational costs  and they rely on  a large percentage of Government subsidies.​

The Homecare board viewed a confidential letter where the Department of Social Development urged Child Welfare Stellenbosch (The oldest Child Welfare branch in our country) to increase their fundraising activities so that they can help pay their own operational costs. Child Welfare Stellenbosch received just over 88% of their operational costs during the 2017 financial book year from the Department of Social Development.


The Homecare management team already had numerous meetings with different role players in child protection organizations. It is clear that fundraising has become more difficult as more organizations target a smaller number of potential donators. Jacqui Dunn (Office manager Child Welfare Kraaifontein) described the term “donor’s fatigue” where the same people are targeted and these people eventually do not want to see any fundraiser.


According to Shanie Boshoff (CEO of ACVV), child protection organizations also struggle with fundraising because of the nature of business they conduct. People do not really want to be confronted with negative information such as the number of child molestation cases that occurs in their communities.    


It will have a devastating impact on vulnerable children if the non-governmental child protection branches should close down due to insufficient funds. The Homecare board develops advanced phone app technology to raise as much funds as possible out of our own economy for child protection branches. The Shoprite group partnership, will enable the Homecare team to support up to 750 different child protection branches nationally. There are additional funds that we will be able to secure, (above from the funds we need to raise for caretakers of patients as explained under the Fundraising section) out of the partnership with the Shoprite group. There are also additional fundraising activities specifically geared to help child protection organizations. This important project should be able to secure enough funds (More than R50 million per month) to help keep child protection organizations afloat.  

The Enjoy Life phone app focus on the positive side of living… We do not and will not use any traditional media, or images that broadcast the pain people experience, to raise funds in order to support the most vulnerable people. The people we will help financially will only successfully receive financial support if we can ensure that normal South Africans and tourists to our country enjoy their daily lives.

The most advanced phone app is now entering its last phase of development. We need Homecare friends to support the pre-launch project. The Homecare team are going into an expensive development period to fund the additional software developers who are required to help develop the last section of the phone app. The software also needs to undergo stress tests to ensure that if a large number of phone users download the Enjoy Life app, that the software network and servers will be able to handle the workload.

Supporting bedridden patients

Our objective is to also approach the following global Relieve funds by January 2019 to ask for additional financial contributions:

The Foundation will buy basic essential foods, toiletries, as well as household cleaning detergents for the patient’s family (there are often up to 5 family members in one household) from our partners. This will enable the family to have more funds available for the patient’s medical costs.

The International relieve funds will only help bedridden patients in South Africa if we have exceptional control systems in place, with the correct business partners in South Africa to ensure that funds are not wasted on administrative costs, alcohol cigarettes etc.

We first need to get as much registrations as possible from caretakers on the web-based platform so that we have a complete analysis about their financial needs. The process will start a month before we launch the Enjoy Life phone app and we will need about six month’s media to ensure that caretakers nationally had sufficient time to register. We will also need financial reports on our own fundraising drives via the Enjoy Life phone app before we send representatives abroad to present our project to the different organizations.

A large portion (up to R53 million per month) will be generated out of our own economy and these funds will be shared amongst caretakers.

We forecast to support + 12 500 bedridden patients nationally, although the number of applicants might be higher.

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