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It will be difficult for our opposition to catch up

It will be difficult for opposition of the Enjoy Life app to catch up on our support plan. We developed our software over a four-year period. Nobody was notified about our support strategy. When you read this web-page, it is because we are now ready to publish confidential information.


The Foundation already started inviting the best restaurants, fuel stations and companies that focus on providing services that makes a client feel valued. Companies are teaming up to help the patients… For them, it is not about our plan to support a specific food supplying company we work with… it is about working towards providing a solution for our country’s frail care environment.


One should know that if any IT group decides to develop software that took us years to complete, it will be extremely difficult to motivate companies that are already part of the Enjoy Life campaign, to support them as well. Possible opposition are unfortunately behind us… and that is where we intend to keep them.

We have to be aggressive in our support plan to earn income for patients, hence, when you read the entire website, you will understand/agree that we will help our strategic partners to outsell their opposition.


Another important aspect to remember is that the Foundation earns income for patients over a variety of platforms. It includes commission on vehicle transactions, property transactions and from insurance products.


The most important thing we need to mention, and why we actually believe it will be impossible for opposition to invite Food companies in future with a similar concept, is the fact that we developed the phone app to remain with a person.

The software can support people from a young age (at school level) and it will systematically adapt as people grow older. A person’s interest changes as you grow older, and the software adapts accordingly.      


The Enjoy Life app user will constantly replace his phone handset with new ones. His/her personal settings on the Enjoy Life app will always remain available on servers. The user will always update his/her new handset and link it to his/her Enjoy Life profile. All their bucket list photos and points will be on their personal profile.


Fast food companies offering loyalty programmes on the app also contribute to the fact that the person will keep his/her profile active. (When a person knows that he will receive a free burger soon, he will download the update on his new phone to keep his loyalty programme intact. The fast-food business can run loyalty programmes and ask users to give them service ratings and on the 11th rating he will receive a free burger for example).


The fact that we will work closely with companies (Sky diving, cage diving, canopy tours etc.) providing services to help a person Enjoy Life, and that we support them without any costs, will also contribute to making it difficult for opposition. They will tell other IT companies (our opposition) who approach them that they are already working with a Foundation that uses different industries to publish their services to the public… Our media message is that people should Enjoy Life… We encourage South Africans and tourists to support their businesses…


It will be extremely difficult to convince companies, and later on the public to withdraw from the Enjoy Life app… We can therefore with confidence state that our Food supplying partners will benefit financially when they partner with us.

Google made Billions when they developed a solution for companies wanting to use websites to reach people. The Homecare Foundation will never make billions, but we can offer value that might exceed what Google does for websites. Phones are the future!


We do not have shareholders; our beneficiaries are bedridden patients and they need funds. With this in mind, you should understand why we need to implement new strategies to successfully raise much needed funding. You will also understand just why this project took years to prepare and why it will take opposition years to catch up.  

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