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Enjoy Life Phone App


We develop a new communication structure (free media) where you can target people to support your business. This will help partners to reach people in their communities, as well as people who visit their area. You can set a “catchment area” radius on the software to reach people with media you want to broadcast. It could be 10km or much more if you are situated in the countryside.

The Enjoy Life app will most likely become the second or third most popular phone app used in your geographical area. It is our opinion that Whatsapp is the most popular phone application; it enables low cost communication. Second popular might be Facebook; it enables communication (sharing of photos and videos etc.) between friends and families.


We explain how the Homecare Foundation developed a phone app providing media support to up to 6 000 companies, aimed to help these companies increase income. The companies can as a result donate small amounts (from R100) per month towards funding bedridden patients. We also support certain groups of companies without asking for any donations.


We discuss how Google changed the internet. There is a new challenge with regards to phone apps and the Homecare Foundation’s IT team developed a solution that will help companies reach clients before their opposition. The unique support that we will provide will ensure that the Homecare Foundation can fund bedridden patients for years to come.  

The app market is competitive and ensuring that the public use an app, is a complex process. Our marketing strategies will also be explained.

The Enjoy Life App is developed within a unique business concept. The development team spent 4 years and first developed software that is utilized in numerous industries so that the Foundation can earn income over a broader spectrum of companies. The Foundation allocates a portion of revenue generated from these other industries towards subsidizing restaurant  and fast-food deals.


The software on its own will not help us to achieve the required results. We will use more than 1 500 Ambassadors (estate agents, financial advisors and motor sales executives) and more than 700 strategic business partners (restaurateurs, fuel station and fast-food business owners) to ensure that the Enjoy Life app will become the number 2 or 3 phone app in South Africa. The unique business model, where we help thousands of individuals across different industries (Up to 5 900 business owners in other industries) benefit financially when people use the Enjoy Life app, will ensure that the phone app will be introduced to thousands of South Africans.

The Enjoy Life app will help restaurants and fast food business owners/management teams with three important services:

  • First  is to approach people (local residents, South Africans from other towns and cities and foreigners) on their phones with unique media messages.

  • Second  is to use the phone app as a tool to notify management when clients received bad service, so that immediate action can be taken to rectify service delivery

  • Third   is to help restaurateurs with loyalty programmes. Business owners can, via the phone app encourage, manage and reward loyalty from clients.

It is also important to understand how the Enjoy Life app will benefit other business owners such as Engen, boutique clothing shops, butcheries etc.

The Enjoy Life app (for companies in general) will be explained in the following sections:

Our development planning

  • How the app will be positioned between Facebook and Whatsapp

    We explain how the development team took four years of planning to position the Enjoy Life app well on a person's phone. (Read more if you have extra time)

  • Media section that benefit all types of companies

    The development team divided media on the phone into three sections. It explain to readers the different types of media structures. (Read more if you have extra time)

  • Phone app development specifically aimed to benefit restaurant partners

    The software help restaurateurs to plan media effectively towards people residing in the catchment area (residents), towards foreigners who entered the catchment area within the last hour and also to people (foreigners and South Africans from other towns) who have been in the catchment area for longer than one hour. The restaurateurs even receive breakdowns according to age categories to plan menu specials better. (Read more it explains development specifically for restaurateurs)

  • Bucket list section that will also help to monitor service that customers experience from staff

    The Bucket List section is more important to read. Only a percentage of phone users will use this section. We help people to Enjoy Life and this is a practical tool that draw clients towards certain businesses and phone users are rewarded for assisting companies with service ratings. (Read more if you have available/limited time)

  • How loyalty programmes for the restaurant & fast-food industry can be managed on the phone app

    This section explain how Fast-food companies can now reward loyal supporters for the first time via phone app. It is almost impossible to monitor how much spending a specific person has done at fast-food businesses, as people pay with cash and with credit cards. (Read more if you have time)

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