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1) Development planning

b) Media section

Media has and will always play a critical role in a business ability to earn income. People act on information (media). Media has evolved through different stages. It used to be numerous text in newspapers, that eventually changed to less text and more images in magazines, that changed to websites on the internet, and the latest trend is to use “Push technology” to post media onto a person’s phone. The best results are less text, combined with an image. People have less time to read, and images on a phone will draw the most attention.    

The challenge is that people are now more phone users than “internet” users. To have a website is important, but it is almost out-dated. People “search” less and they act more on messages they receive on their phones.


Google provided a solution to help people reach websites of interest. Without Google and other search engine platforms that followed, the internet would have been impossible to use. Google helped people to reach websites that host relevant information towards what a person wants on the internet. There are even other companies that help people to find relevant information from one website in industries where there are too many companies in a specific industry. A great example is accommodation booking companies that list all the accommodation companies per area in one site. It would have been a challenge if all the accommodation companies only relied on their individual websites for business. It would have remained a challenge to be on the top list of websites on the Google browser when people searched for accommodation in a specific area.

Latest trend

In the past

Internet users searched for information on pc's in their own time

Phone apps push information towards phone users

Phone apps created a new challenge. It is arguably the most effective method of marketing, as information can reach a person within seconds, but the challenge is that there is not enough space on a person’s phone to install thousands of phone apps.


We create a porthole for all the companies that offer services to make a client Enjoy Life so that they can share one app on a person’s cell phone. It will be impossible for up to 10 000 companies to each develop their own phone apps and expect all the phone users to install all their individual apps. (The software can support 10 000 companies, although we foresee to support at least 6  000 companies in South Africa.)

There are numerous things to take into account when developing phone apps. One is to realize that apps are used, based on their functionality. Gaming apps are used by younger people to play games. They often remove older games from their phones and install new games. (Limited space on phones)

Companies who develop phone apps for themselves aim to reach people via their apps with media messages.

Up to 10 000 companies

share one app

Most companies cannot develop phone apps where people can use their apps on a daily basis. The actual usage of a phone app is limited to its design and functionality. If we for example look at the Dstv phone app. Their app offers the same functionality as the Dstv website. The public can also manage their personal profiles on the Dstv website, so why bother to download the Dstv app?  

The Homecare team developed a phone app that can help different companies with media exposure. It is much more challenging than one would expect. We explain our media support strategy later, as well as other functions that will entice people to often use the Enjoy Life app as well.

There are a lot of trade secrets we cannot reveal, but we want to give readers some idea of what we can do, that will help companies save money and also increase business.

Software settings

The best service we provide to app users is to allow them to be in control regarding information they receive. There are numerous settings the person can select, to streamline the communication into his/her phone. Our objective is to help partners save money, and to help them reach people they would otherwise only been able to do if they use “National media” platforms. National media (print) is declining because people buy less newspapers etc.

Smart phones and satellite tracking creates new media strategies. We can, with advanced technology, broadcast messages from companies in certain radiuses from where the phone user is at present.

The settings that the App user select can help the Enjoy Life app to profile people better and this benefits all the companies we work with. The phone app relies on three different settings that users will select when they download the app:

1.    Personal settings (Age, language preference, sex, where the person resides etc.)

2.    Sport & hobby interests

3.    Media settings (which media sections the person do not want media messages)

We ask users to identify what make their lives enjoyable. Do they love movies, do they enjoy books, what sport interests, if they love cycling, is it mountain biking or road cycling?

The user can also indicate the maximum number of messages he/she will accept per day, or during weekends. The app will know if the person is on leave (holiday) or at work. We know what time slots to communicate… There are so many things we take into consideration to ensure that the app user will use the app and it will be to their interest and benefit.

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