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Child Protection Organizations

Media settings


The software is unique. We combine media messages with other messages of a person’s interest. It is a technical challenge to develop software (phone app) that can push media towards phone users. The question is: “What messages should reach the phone? When should messages reach the phone? Which company’s messages should be prioritised?

We are software developers and we constantly investigate how people feel about being targeted without their consent. Samsung for example recently launched their "Samsung push notifications services" where they push national media campaigns to their phones. There are people that become annoyed and they want to know how to stop their phones from sending them these messages.


We UNDERSTAND the importance that phone users should be able to decide if, when and how much media they should receive. The Enjoy Life app is the solution. Consumers will always want to be in control of their lives.

The Enjoy Life app is programmed to broadcast 3 categories of media which will be explained in short.

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