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1) Information from sport and recreational companies (including restaurants)

The Enjoy Life media platform is developed so that numerous companies and sport clubs can communicate with members and people visiting their area.


People are willing to receive media messages, as long as it is in their interest and if the messages are about items that help them Enjoy Life.


We know that for us to get “paid for” media messages to someone, we need to entice a person to download the phone app.


The best strategy would be to offer messages that enables them to buy products at such a reduced rate, that they will never get access to these products without having the phone app.


For this reason, we decided to structure our business plan across different industries. We will use income generated from the insurance, property, and motor industries as well as income from other companies  to “Buy” exceptional restaurant deals for phone users.

In our opinion, people Enjoy Life when they visit a restaurant. Our focus is to get them into the best restaurants.

The Foundation also negotiates with companies selling sport equipment to partner with us. We ask these companies to offer for example one item far below cost so that people can buy it when they are an Enjoy Life app user.

Herewith some examples of messages that we can push to a person’s phone:

  1. Restaurant message to guests (Foreigners) who visit a town.

  2. Restaurant message to locals residing in town.

  3. Restaurant message to guests (South Africans) who visit a town.

  4. Golf club that invites guests of area to play (The software knows which golf players are on holiday. This will help clubs to better target people they do not know personally).

  5. Bicycle shop that offers one item far below cost as part of their donation to help the Foundation.

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