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d) Hospitality and tourism industries

The fact that we will support these companies without asking fees, will ensure that these industries help the foundation to distribute the app amongst their clients.

The software (Interface that the companies use) enables companies to link booking platforms to the phone app. Remember that the phone app will “push” media to phones, and the phone app will not “push” media when the company is fully booked or perhaps closed for a period. (Some companies operate seasonally). Some companies also can only operate if weather allows. The phone app therefore operates according to availability.

In general, companies providing “Holiday Entertainment” services do not really compete against each other. The bungee-jumping company does not compete against the fishing charter company. Two fishing charters may compete in the same area, but it will be to everybody’s advantage if more tourists are targeted via cell phone technology and if both companies can publish availability to help tourists.

The biggest gift that anybody can give to a business owner, is to help him/her reach people who they want to target with their products or services. If you can get access to such service without any costs, so much better!


Our objective is to work with the tourism information centres in each area. This will be a free service.


The Enjoy Life app will also interact with strategic business partners where we can, as a team, provide great services to tourists (and also locals)


Our business plan is to allow Uber a free link (button) on the Enjoy Life app. Uber provides services where the public can book private transport if needed.

Tourists may often need transportation if they do not rent cars themselves. We also want to help people who might need transportation when they had too much to drink at a restaurant. Our philosophy is to Enjoy Life, and be responsible.

We think it is a great idea to enable phone users to book transport if needed. (We might allow other service providers in this industry to use the app as well.)


My SOS is a company that provides emergency services.

mySOS offers their clients access to appropriate emergency assistance when:
(a) you don’t know who to call
(b) you don’t know where you are
(c) you want to notify your emergency contacts about your emergency and the exact location
(d) you want your emergency contacts and the emergency services to navigate directly to your location in an emergency


The latest app to safeguard citizens of South Africa has also been developed by a Non-Profit Organization.  Namola is currently being implemented in Gauteng to help the public. It is the “Fastest Police call-back time at the push of a button”

The app interacts with the police vehicles directly. Our intention is to help tourists when they need police assistance. The service will soon be available nationally. For more detail, visit

Our strategy is to enable tourists to get emergency support with the click of a button.

Negotiations with other partners will only be done in October 2017. We developed the Enjoy Life platform so that it would be easy (two days’ work) to allow these companies an interface into the Enjoy Life platform. Other companies will be supported without costs and they will gain huge momentum, as we have the ability to introduce their services to tourists and a large South African population. We try to keep this information confidential. Readers of our business plan are asked to assist us.

We foresee that business owners in our network (especially the ones in the hospitality and tourism industry), will inform their guests about the Enjoy Life app. The app can inform their guests on what services and entertainment is available within their area, (take into account that availability of services) is managed by the app.

The owner of the first guest lodge where the foreigner arrives will tell the guest to download the Enjoy Life app (It is free). They will inform the guest that when he/she travels anywhere in South Africa, the app will update them on special offerings from restaurants, things to do etc.

Remember that the app hosts two functions:

  1. App users can browse for businesses in the entertainment industry on their phone and plan holiday entertainment. Guests can therefore be in Cape town and they will be able to book holiday entertainment in Mpumalanga if they plan to visit the province.

  2. The App will update the phone owner of activities that are in the catchment area of the phone.

Foreigners will download the app and they will use it for the period they visit South Africa. (They will obviously remove the app once they have left our country)

Remember that the Homecare Foundation negotiates with the tourism industry. It will be to the entire tourism industry’s advantage when guests from abroad see that South African companies work as a team and assist bedridden patients within our communities.

Marketing the Enjoy Life app on web-pages

We will ask all the companies receiving free media support to host an app download link on their websites. We will also ask these companies to print short information about the app on their flyers. Remember, the app enables these business owners to communicate with old clients and with people who have never dealt with them. They will gladly host such a link on their websites. People visiting their websites will read about their involvement to help the Homecare Foundation support bedridden patients.

Downloading the app by foreigners

Phone app settings for foreigners will by default be different from people residing in South Africa. Certain media messages will not reach foreigners as it will not be applicable to them. (Property, motor, financial services etc.)


Our restaurant partners (especially the “key business partners” who are now invited) will benefit hugely by partnering with the tourism industry.


Restaurateurs can use their support funds from the Foundation to post specials aimed at foreigners. The Foundation will also allocate an additional R1.3 million per month towards marketing campaigns aimed at foreigners. We can inform foreigners that they stand a chance to win for example a R50 000 voucher that they can use when they visit South Africa again.


We will also include other marketing strategies. We will offer smaller prizes that were negotiated with for example the Canopy touring company. We can do a weekly draw and give one tourist in the catchment area a ticket for the canopy tour. This message will then be broadcasted to all the tourists in South Africa. They can immediately win prizes within the areas they visit and they do not need to wait until they re-visit South Africa to benefit.


Our partnerships with companies in the tourism industry should enable us to hand out prizes to the value of + R4 million per month. We will use around R1.3 million in cash to help subsidize these prizes. We offer additional media coverage to partners in the tourism industry that assist us with Enjoy Life phone app campaigns aimed at tourists.

These actions will encourage the tourists to better support our preferred restaurant partners.

Cost savings by accommodation companies

We want to point out our action plan to support accommodation companies with the Enjoy Life app. We believe it is an important service to offer accommodation opportunities to tourists and then also to South Africans who go on holiday or who might need accommodation for business trips. It is a service that will increase the value of the Enjoy Life app.


These companies will eventually make larger profits when they use the Enjoy Life app. We will provide them clients for whom they do not need to pay Booking fee commissions. (There are booking agencies that charge accommodation companies up to 17% booking fees.)


We have an implementation plan that we negotiate with accommodation companies. This implementation plan will also help the Fast-food and other businesses. (Remember that we do a lot to ensure that people download the app for free). The TOTAL cost savings that the Accommodation companies will receive will be implemented over a two-year period.


The following example explains:

Accommodation company offers a room at R1 350 per night. This is the asking price that booking agencies advertise. There are numerous booking agencies and they all ask different rates, but the average is 15% per client.


When a client book via, the accommodation company will receive R1 350 minus R202.50 (15% booking commission) = R1 147.50 


Our strategy is to use the Enjoy life app with a media campaign. When you book via the Enjoy Life app, you will receive 10% discount from all the companies listed on the Enjoy Life app. The asking price is R1 350. Client pay at accommodation company R1 215 and save R135 per night. The accommodation company will immediately also receive more money per booking (between 5% and 7%).


We will a year later offer 5% discount on all bookings and eventually not offer discounts at all. This will help accommodation companies during the tough period in our economy and they will eventually make larger profits.


We know that none of the existing booking agencies will be able to offer similar deals. Remember that accommodation companies needed to increase their asking rates to accommodate booking agencies. There is no booking agency that can function without booking fee commissions. They will also not be able to force the entire accommodation industry down in their asking prices so that they can advertise a 10% discount on all bookings made via their booking platform.


We view accommodation companies as business partners and we develop functions that only phone app technology can do, to help them do more effective business.     


One such function is to use “Push Notification” technology to notify tourists (People that travel and manage their own bookings) when they have rooms available. Tourists that drives into a town will receive push messages from accommodation companies that are not fully booked. This will help accommodation companies to make contact with people in need of accommodation and the service also help the tourists. They will not phone companies that are fully booked.

Accommodation companies will on a continuously basis hep to distribute the Enjoy life app amongst all their clients. They know that it is important for tourists to Enjoy South Africa and they also are looking for ways to save on unnecessary costs.

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