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Battle strategy (Viewing of Properties)

Win the Battle… be the first to secure the “higher ground”


In a difficult economy, it is recommended to change your entire approach towards selling properties. You should now focus even more on “Sole Mandates…” Most opposition agents will lose their focus and this is the Gab that you need to take to protect the agency.     


The idea is to enlarge your Buyer pull per property. Most agents take buyers to properties according to price range and affordability. Agents will often even take a buyer to a property that is slightly more expensive and will then try to negotiate with the seller an offer to help the buyer purchase the “better” property.


It is better for agents to present the buyers who can qualify for larger bonds properties that can within a two-month period be altered and upgraded to suite the client’s needs. Agents should focus on Location first, thereafter affordability.

The challenge remains to be first to secure a meeting with the homeowners. It will take us up to 6 months to ensure that agents will be contacted first. The Wage Payment software platform will already convince homeowners to contact agents before opposition. The business relationships with strategic business partners such as Beauty Advisors, guesthouse owners, and building & renovation companies will also help to accomplish earlier contact.

The focus is to get listing appointments during office hours. If people recommend you, then you will be phoned by homeowners and you can schedule meetings according to your diary.

It is possible to arrange meetings during office hours, even when the technology is not in place. To do this, you will need partnerships with renovation companies. If you have marketing material where construction costs and examples of properties that has been renovated are available, then you can ask homeowners to take time off from work, so that you can view the property during daylight. You can explain over the phone that you want to include buyers that can buy for much more than the asking price, with a business plan that renovations could be included. You need to view the property during daylight and the homeowner can help to discuss what options he/she would have done if they had extra funds to renovate the property.

The main focus of the appointment conversation should be that you will not necessarily list the property. You want to meet the homeowner to give him/her advice about selling the property. It is however only possible to persuade the homeowner to meet with you according to your diary if you know that they will trust you…. Selling a property is all about TRUST.

A “listing meeting” is the most important appointment.

You should be in a position to determine the real reason why the homeowner wants to sell. (It could be that the person wants to upgrade or downgrade in your marketing area). You can only determine the real motive for selling if you meet the person face to face… Homeowners will not with a telephone conversation tell you that they experience financial difficulty. It is however important to understand the motive for selling… 

It is better to explain over the phone that you purely want to provide the best possible advice…. You can also convey to the homeowner that he/she does not have all the necessarily information at hand when he/she decides to list the specific property, and he/she need all the information available to plan the best price option as the property will immediately compete against other available properties which buyers can choose from.

You will also within a few months be in a position where you can convince the homeowner that he/she stands the best chance to receive a better asking price (for selling or letting) if he/she allows you the required time to meet and provide advice…


The Homecare team will in future use technology and ask homeowners a 7-day window period to allow Ambassador agents adequate time so that they can use the Enjoy Life Phone App to help find buyers and tenants. (We explain to homeowners that we need time to ask other residents if they perhaps know about a friend who might want to move into the neighborhood. The Enjoy Life app will post messages on phones of residents in the geographical area) This will enable you to have stock on a platform where the stock is not immediately open on websites for homeowners to view. You will need these listings to help you secure a listing meeting during office hours.

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