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Business Partners

Our economy is not doing well at the moment and

this also puts pressure on companies.

The Homecare Foundation takes on one of the biggest challenges regarding frail care support. We need to provide business partners with the best tools, all aimed to help them increase profits.


Marketing aimed at the public should result in success. The Homecare Foundation supports all types of patients in need of frail care and financial support. There are many people who have/had a relationship with a family member/friend diagnosed with a serious disease such as Cancer, Alzheimer, MS, MDS, Aids or other diseases. These people may, out of moral obligation, support the business partners to help patients in need.


This project involves people who want to make a difference in their own communities. (We reward these people with benefits, but they first need to decide to make a difference.) Although the donations are small, and the comparative benefits are huge, you first need to decide if you want to help.

The Foundation’s success depends on our ability to involve the public. We need to become one of the most well-known NPO organizations in South Africa. The public must be informed that they do not need to donate out of their own pockets if they want to help bedridden patients. All we ask is that they support business partners who teamed up to provide to caretakers. They will stand chances of winning exceptional prizes when they support certain companies in our network.

We developed software that will help our business partners increase income. We encourage existing clients to recommend business partners to their contacts. “Word of mouth” marketing will ensure more business for our partners.

There are three focus points that we describe in detail, all aimed to help our business partners. Please note that our business partners can choose which focus points we need to implement. It is not compulsory to implement every support strategy. We tailor-make action plans to suit the partner best:


Market a centralized business directory which publishes information about businesses, the business owners and their personnel.

All the companies that work in partnership will be published in a business directory. The business directory offers unique services where staff working at the company is marketed. The business directory will help the public to find any type of company nationally.

New advanced technology and highly recommended to read.  (read more...)

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The Homecare Foundation will manage the largest reward system where companies in different industries (these who are allowed to) can use one national competition structure, to thank their clients.

Accommodation companies, restaurants, plumbers, almost any kind of business partner, can use a platform where their clients can win vehicles, and other prizes, just because their clients used their services or bought their products.

We explain how invoices, statements and receipts will be used to market business partners. The public is informed that bedridden patients will appreciate their support. The competitions will draw public to the business directory and this will secure business for our partners.


We explain our radio campaigns that will focus on the restaurant/coffee shop industry. All the businesses in our network will benefit if we advertise on radio our restaurant partners.

It is new strategies that enable companies to cross market and this will have an enormous positive impact on the business partners. (read more...)

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Use advanced print technology to inform your clients about your support towards bedridden patients.


You will read about advanced technology that will help business partners increase their “word of mouth” marketing/recommendations. Business partners can place magazines at reception areas where we inform their clients about the Homecare project and partners. (read more...)


Thank You

Thank you for spending the additional time on the website. We are confident that the Foundation will play aa positive role in your business and in the lives of patients.

Our Client Relationship Managers will also update management teams on a monthly basis about our progress to establish the business network.


Once again, a special thanks to all the companies that already registered. Words can’t explain our gratitude!

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