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g) Ambassadors help to market the Enjoy Life app on a continuous basis


When we launch our media campaigns in May 2018, all our business partners, including the financial advisors, estate agents and motor sales executives can post in social media that people can download the app and Enjoy Life.

The Enjoy Life app will continuously be discussed by “Ambassadors” (estate agents & financial advisors) when they deal with their clients. It is to their advantage to have their photos posted on the phone apps.

Monthly fundraising drives


The Homecare Foundation provide specialized services to selected teams within the property industry. We target 105 property principals (business owners) to become our strategic representatives. We help these business owners to secure more property transactions for their branches as reward for being our ambassadors.


The Foundation will through the property network work with more than 1 500 ambassadors nationally. The agents working for the principals are also “Ambassadors”.


Our objective is to arrange fundraising events nationally. We developed an ingenious business plan where we allow these business owners (property principals) to support us with fundraising events.


The Homecare team (small personnel corps) will organize and co-ordinate events nationally. We use property principals to co-ordinate work in the different towns and cities. We will for example organize at least 120 different golf days nationally per year. If we for example organize a golf day in Klerksdorp North West, it will be a Re/Max Homecare Golf day. The principal Louise Snyders will represent the Foundation at the Golf day. She will have access to reports that she can use when she talks to the players who attended the day when they do the prize giving.


In general, it is expensive to arrange events. The most difficult part is to invite people etc. The Homecare foundation will use the phone app technology to help Louise invite the people needed for the day. A large number of players will be the business owners in Klerksdorp who use the Enjoy Life app to support their businesses. They will be asked to bring their clients to play on the day. The phone app will also invite other residents and we will invite golfers in neighbouring towns to play. In a unique way, the property principal gains a lot when she helps to host events. It is important for property principals to position themselves as people who do more for their community. When business owners and residents of Klerksdorp see that she has been chosen to represent the Foundation with important tasks, they will believe that she is a person with integrity etc. This will give her agency an advantage when it comes to negotiating mandates to market properties etc.


The Homecare Foundation also require the estate agents who work for the principals to host smaller fundraising events. The 1 500 plus agents will for example held small events such as Table tennis amongst kids, or mini cricket between two schools, or mountain bike event between friends in a cycling club.


The whole idea is that these smaller events should not be viewed as events where the Foundation expect to raise Thousands. For us, the media exposure is more important.


As potential business partner, you should also understand that the estate agent does his/her best to market themselves. The agent can for example organize a chess competitions amongst 10 chess players. Each participant donates R100 to enter. The estate agent who are registered as an Official “Ambassador” of the Foundation will be able to request an official letter from the Homecare board to register the chess competition as an official Re/Max Homecare fundraising event. The chess players can donate their entry funds into the Homecare Foundation’s bank account with a reference code that the agent will provide to the participants. The agent can for example offer a R500 winning prize for the winner. (It is 50% of the funds raised). The arrangement will always be with small events that the winner receives the R500, but it must be used to fulfil one item on his/her bucket list.


At this point, we want to explain that a large focus will be to interact with children. Their bucket list items might be: “I want to buy myself a skateboard.” Children will not save for other bucket list items that grown-ups might do. For us, it does not really matter. We want to bring a message to children that they should value life… they should understand that there are people who became ill and that the nation must look after them. The child that won the competition will be able to claim the R500 to buy his/her skateboard. The child will most likely also have to save a bit to achieve this goal.

The biggest benefit for restaurateurs and Spar business partners is that children influence their parent’s buying habits.  They will guide their parents to partnering businesses.

We commit to business partners that at least 1 500 estate agents will be actively involved in smaller fundraising events on a yearly basis. There are numerous estate agents that cycle or do other sports themselves. We assist agents to arrange small fundraising events with club members or school kids.

Computicket, I-Ticket and other event organization companies

The Homecare Foundation develop the Enjoy Life app to work in partnership with companies such as Computicket and I-Ticket. Our objective is not to sell or manage tickets ourselves. Larger event organization companies can also benefit from the phone app. These companies earn commission on ticket sales. These companies do a lot of marketing to support the entertainment industry.


The Enjoy Life app will push media to phone users and we will provide this important service free of charge to event companies.


The only requirement is that when we negotiate with artists to support the Homecare Foundation with events, that we will then receive booking support free of charge. We might do 10 larger events a year nationally.


We will also contact all the artists and inform them that they can use the Enjoy Life platform free of charge. There are numerous upcoming groups that will now be able to use additional tools to help them in their careers. One example is Kleefklank. More detail about the group can be viewed on the following link:


Numerous groups might want to organize their own events, and the Enjoy Life app will support them with marketing without any costs.


As potential business partner, you should now agree that the Homecare Foundation plan and develop business plans to the finest detail… we can ensure business partners that the Enjoy Life app will be one of the most used apps on South African’s phones.      

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