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Financial advisors

Phase 2

The Homecare Foundation takes on one of the biggest challenges regarding frail care support. We need to provide business partners with the best tools, all aimed to help them get better support from their own clients as well as the public.

This project involves people who want to make a difference in their own communities. (We reward these people with benefits, but they first need to decide to make a difference.) Although the donations are small, and the comparative benefits are huge, you first need to decide if you want to help.

The Foundation’s success depends on our ability to involve the public. We need to become one of the most well-known Non-Profit Organizations in South Africa. The public must be informed that they do not need to donate out of their own pockets if they want to help bedridden patients.

The financial advisors in partnership will be backed by a call centre team who is tasked to arrange appointments with people who can afford insurance products. The team rely on media (radio, social media and print) to help them secure business, but more importantly they will secure business via negotiations with family and friends of patients. The team will also work with a large spotter network and they will only refer clients to the financial advisors where a relationship between the person the advisor will see, and the spotter can be confirmed.


The Homecare Foundation does not need to impress a financial advisor by forwarding him/her numerous clients… We work in partnership to help bedridden patients. We are not like a marketing company who needs to impress a person to receive financial contributions. (If you contract a marketing agency, they will send you lead information, even if such information is not effective, to secure on-going payment for their services.) We will rather provide a financial advisor with 3 clients per month to whom insurance products has been sold, than to flood a financial advisor with lots of lead information that waste the advisor’s valuable time.


Although our client relationship managers might only arrange appointments with 3 clients per month, readers will at the end of this webpage agree that this is a modest statement. We have the ability to help financial advisors generate much more business via our infrastructure. Not only from people we source, but also from people the advisor meet on his/her own. We can help the advisor secure more clients who will understand the value of disability cover and income protection.

There are 4 focus points aimed to help financial advisors establish a secure client network:

1) Source clients via a dedicated support team who deal with friends and family of patients. The support team also use a spotter network that will help them find clients for the advisors. Donation commission is only required when our support team arranged meetings.       


The Homecare client relationship managers will source up to 1 000 new spotters per month nationally to help find people in need of insurance products that we can recommend financial advisors to. The spotter network will constantly change as people can only help sales teams for a short period. We work on recommendations and not leads. With a recommendation, there is always a relationship involved. We will only forward information of close friends and family of certain people to financial advisors.


We will manage up to 10 000 spotters in a database, and with such a large sourcing base; we will still forward a small number of clients, to ensure that the advisors receive quality appointments.


We help a financial advisor secure more clients with whom he/she can relate, which will result on more referrals from the advisor’s own client base. People need to buy into the advisor before they will recommend the advisor to others. (read more...most important)

These links provide more detail
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2) Financial advisors are backed with media structures, to help them increase business for which they do not need to donate.


We launch the Enjoy Life app in June 2017. The app will be used to support financial advisors with media campaigns that will secure additional business without the need to donate fees for such clients.


We also provide other media structures, all aimed to help the advisors secure more income. We list the advisors as ambassadors of the Foundation. Our focus is to help advisors in negotiations with their own clients as well. It is important to explain to people the need for income protection and disability cover.

Advisors can inform their clients that they are ambassadors working with numerous companies nationally to help patients who became ill and now struggle financially, since they were not sufficiently covered. There are thousands of people in South Africa working in partnership with the Homecare Foundation to help fund caretakers.


The Homecare Foundation help caretakers who cannot apply for care dependency grants from government. They earn income above government’s maximum brackets, and although they earn above government’s requirements, they still find it difficult to pay their patient’s costs. We forecast that the Foundation will on average contribute R900 per month to help a caretaker. This will not be enough to help caretakers with the enormous costs to provide frail care at homes.


We also help advisors with web-based reports which they can use when they explain clients the importance of income protection.

This section is also important to read thoroughly as we explain how we will use the latest advanced cell phone technology to help up to 6 000 business owners increase income. We will systematically introduce financial advisors to these business people and secure more business for the advisors. (read more...)

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3) The Homecare Board will systematically ask key business partners for the opportunity to allow financial advisors who work as ambassadors for the Foundation to help them with financial advice.

This will be a long-term process, but we know that it will be possible to gain these people’s trust.

We discussed our support plan in detail for the + 6 000 business owners who will increase their own income when we support them with the latest cell phone technology.


We will have the ability to track how many South Africans and tourists support them in their businesses. We are going to work closely with some of these business owners in media campaigns.

We will first establish a strong business relationship with these business owners ourselves. We will after two years in partnership with them, ask if they would mind to help us with our Ambassadors. They will know that the board ask for support to help more patients and that we do not benefit otherwise when we lodge such a request.

We will make it clear that the Board will only introduce the advisors to them. It remains their own personal decision to support the advisor, or to remain with their existing brokers. We cannot stand in for any advice given by the financial advisors working in our partnership.

Personal advice is an important and complexed task. We however know that other financial advisors can only help them with advice. Our team indirectly help them to secure more income and we believe this will count in your favour.

We will also have a 2-year track record with the advisors in the team. We will definitely know by then about any complaints that the public who asked for support had lodged, due to poor service they received from the advisors who help us in the project. We can therefore with a clear conscious recommend advisors to business owners who we rely on to help fund the patients.

4) The Foundation will focus on a process to keep clients active payers for the entire two years.

As mentioned, our strategy is to arrange appointments with people who truly grasp the importance of income protection and disability cover. Our support plan includes an action plan to keep the people we referred active. We developed software to provide extensive feedback to people who referred clients to our network. We will thank the spotter for the referral and we will also thank the client for taking out insurance which enabled the financial advisor to donate towards the fund.


The person who took out the policy will know that when they pay their monthly preemie, they actually donate towards helping bedridden patients… it is only because they pay, that the Foundation can provide support. We will therefore every three months mail a short newsletter to the policy holder (person we referred to advisor), thanking them for helping patients. This newsletter will update them in short about the number of patients at that moment who receive funding and how much on average is being paid towards patients. It will be under extreme circumstances that these clients will cancel their policies… They know that they need the insurance; they know that they help people in need. These combined factors will help the financial advisors to work with more clients who will upkeep payments.  

You can furthermore read the following:

  1. How our donation structures work plus important information for management teams.

    The Foundation offers vouchers to recuperate your donations… A business plan like never before! (read more...most important)

  2. Our Fundraising targets and the distribution and reporting on such funds.

    We also explain how photos of financial advisors can be included in reporting structures. There will be numerous people that will view our fund distribution reports. It will be a great spot for financial advisors to receive exposure. (read more...)
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Financial advisors already on-board

Financial advisors that participate in the Homecare project can open this link to view their entries into the VIP Beach Villa competition and also to view how their photos will appear on the Enjoy Life phone app: Advisor progress



Thank you for spending time on the website, we hope to be a blessing for you in return.

After reading this website, taking into consideration our action plan to use media to help financial advisors, one should agree:


This is truly  “A Once in a Lifetime” opportunity for financial advisors to work with a team that understand the value of providing financial support towards bedridden patients and simultaneously help the advisor to build a business with clients who will become loyal supporters of the advisor.     

The Client Relationship Managers will also update management teams on a monthly basis about our progress to establish the business network. Once again, a special thanks to all the companies that already registered. Words can’t explain our gratitude!

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