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Financial advisors are backed with media structures, to help them increase business for which they do not need to donate.

Our objective is to help an advisor source additional business without them donating fees. It might be possible to help financial advisors with 70% business without donating for these clients.


We made a statement in the introduction section. Financial advice is more important than the fees we can generate from advisors. We need to ensure the public grasp the importance of being covered to help prevent too many applications in future.


We will gladly assist advisors to financially do well. It is tough times for people and we will prefer to work with a team who will be around in the industry for years to come.


We can provide advisors with “Homecare Ambassador” badges that they can ware with their name tags. These badges will direct conversations to the importance of disability and income protection. It will help when advisors tell clients that thousands of companies nationally team up with the Homecare Foundation to help fund bedridden patients. The combined effort will unfortunately only enable the Foundation to distribute R900 per month on average per patient. This is far below the costs to provide frail care services.


The people who apply for financial support (caretakers) earn above government’s salary bracket for government’s social grants. These people struggle due to high food prizes. It is now important for people who can afford income protection policies to upkeep these policies.


We also host photos of advisors on the Homecare website reporting structure. There will be numerous people who search the internet when family or friends became ill. The homecare website will be well positioned when people search the internet. It will be well known that the Homecare Foundation provide financial support. The public will view fund distribution reports. They will be able to contact advisors directly. The advisors can use these reports when they talk to clients about the Homecare Foundation and the services we provide to caretakers. Click on link to view example of such a report for Garsfontein Pretoria.


The idea of our media is to ensure that clients (the internet users and the people the advisors meet with) grasp the reality that people are often caught off-guard. You will never know when you suddenly become in need of financial support due to an illness that ends you in frail care.

We will also use the Enjoy Life app as a tool to help a small team advisors secure more business. We will first explain the app that we are now preparing to launch in June 2017.

Enjoy Life App

We are busy setting up a network of restaurants, and fuel stations where you will until June 2017 be able to redeem coffee/cappuccino vouchers. This is our preparation period to support thousands of companies in future with advanced phone app technology.

We can only publish the phone app after a large portion of the network has been finalized. At present, we use a printed voucher structure in a controlled environment to raise funds while the Homecare team set-up the national network. We set-up small networks in different towns and cities while we prepare for our national media launch.


The Enjoy Life app will most likely become the second or third most popular phone app used in your geographical area. The app will play a large role in a small number of financial advisor’s careers. We all agree that Whatsapp is the most popular phone application; it enables low cost text and other communication. Second popular might be Facebook; it enables communication (sharing of photos and videos etc.) between friends and families.


The Homecare team invites 103 strategic restaurants and 103 fuel stations nationally to partner with financial advisors. We will eventually work with all the restaurants and fast food businesses. We can help each company (not only our 103 strategic restaurant partners) with services and media support that help them do more business. The 103 restaurants will eventually share in more than R1 million per month, that the Foundation will pay out to the restaurateurs, so that we can publish exceptional restaurant deals on the phone.


When you click on “Next” at the bottom of this page, we direct you to an important web-page, where we explain to the restaurateurs (The initial group) how the phone app works, how they will benefit and how the partnership with estate agents’ work.


You will note that the Enjoy Life app will support thousands of companies, even clothing companies, food stores (for example Spar, Pick-a-Pay), butcheries, literally thousands of business owners will be supported with important services…


We will publish photos of the financial advisors on strategic pages within the phone app. The phone app will eventually be used by millions, after we helped the fast food industry. (If you can afford to buy a burger at a Steers, and you have a smart phone, you will most likely in future download the Enjoy Life app.)


The app will save Fast Food companies millions in marketing costs. It will put them in contact with local residents, guests to their areas (South Africans) and with foreigners who travel in South Africa. The Enjoy Life app will help them to manage loyalty programmes with locals. The phone app also replaces the need for mystery shoppers. The app will warn business owners and managers when their clients receive poor service.


Your photo as a financial advisor may in future be available to thousands of people within your support area. Each person that download the Enjoy Life app will definitely read about the Foundation’s ambassadors, who teamed up to help provide to bedridden patients.

The next page explains to restaurateurs the Enjoy Life app. The third page explain in detail how the app is programmed to help you as financial advisor… That will also be important to study.

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