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Financial advisors

Funds forecast

We explain our fund raising strategies and how we report on the distribution of funds.


The Homecare Foundation does not want to waste funds… We are responsible to help people in need. The Foundation needs to ensure that whatever funds raised, will reach destinations where it can make a difference.


It is possible to raise between R2.3 an R10 million per month out of companies in the private sector to support bedridden patients. We raise commission earnings out of different industries and we also raise media income out of the Enjoy Life app.


The public can also donate via our restaurant and fast food network. We expect a fairly large income stream as people will be more inclined to donate small amounts (for example R5) when they use their phones to upload till slips for their bucket lists. They will remember that we use these funds to help caretakers buy food for bedridden patients. They will also have access to reports on how the funds are distributed and which type of patients had benefit as a result of their support.

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How you can help people within your own community

This website is presented to business owners in the cities and in the countryside.

You as financial advisor are welcome to invite people within your own community to register when they become in need of frail care. It is often more difficult for caretakers in the countryside to support patients. These communities are small and find it difficult to source funding for their patients.


Caretakers who apply need to agree that a social worker visit or contact them monthly. The Foundation will only pay out funds if the social workers confirmed the patient’s status.

The Foundation’s ability to do business can result that your commission donation can eventually help a person with a fairly large monthly amount. We forecast an average donation of R900 per month out of the private sector.


We explain under “important services” that the Foundation act as intermediary between family members. The Foundation may on average raise R2 000 from all the family members. 

The website software is programmed to enable the public that they can donate, and ask that their entire donation reach either for example “cancer patients” in Lynwood, Pretoria, or any bedridden patient in a specific area or nationally.


These donations will entirely reach the caretakers. No marketing, admin or any other costs will be deducted to help the patients.


The Foundation will obviously one day appreciate as much support as possible, but your small donation on its own, will make a huge difference.

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