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Financial advisors

Financial advisors on-board


When you read this section, it will be after your principal has joined the Homecare project.


This page will be used for communication with advisors.


There is so much detail that we need to convey to financial advisors. One important aspect is the fact that the Enjoy Life app will for years to come advertise your detail on each person’s cell phone.

When a person download the Enjoy Life app, the first settings would be his/her personal settings. On the app, we ask detail such as in which suburb do you reside (so that we can forward you information on great restaurant and fast food offerings)? We also ask the user to either inform us on his/her birthday date, so that we can ask restaurants to arrange birthday vouchers, and if a person wish, he/she can either indicate in which age bracket they fall (10 year brackets) so that we can forward media messages that will more likely be of his/her interest). We foresee that a large number of app users will be willing to save their birthday dates to receive vouchers…

As soon as the personal settings has been completed, the phone app enables the “Ambassadors” button to be opened. (Note the button is positioned next to the personal settings "My settings" button)

VIP Beach Villas in Gordonsbay sponsors 7 nights’ accommodation for 12 people. (5 star self-catering lodge)

This prize is valued at R35 000. VIP Beach Villa is located on the beach and inside a golf estate.

VIP Beach Lodge competition

The phone user will obviously view the display pages and we inform them immediately that the Homecare Foundation relies on Ambassadors to fund bedridden patients.

We request financial advisors to mail us photos that will be used on the phone apps. There is enough time to take professional photos. Remember millions will have access to these photos. It is not only the residents of the town you work in. A phone user in Middelburg Mpumalanga may for example want to view which financial advisor in Empangeni Kwazulu-Natal is an “Ambassador”. The person might want to refer his brother in Empangeni to the financial advisor for financial advice support.

Click on this link to view how photos of existing advisors are published.

Enjoy Life campaign launch preparations


Your principal might have told you about our Enjoy Life campaigns which include the support from top restaurants.


We also launch the VIP Beach Villa holiday competition that advisors can participate in. We ask advisors to support our strategic business partners that will be with a restaurant and a fuel station.


Our objective is to use these partners to help our agent partners with unique marketing support. It will take us until June 2017 to prepare for the launch of the Enjoy Life phone app. Financial advisors will receive enormous exposure after we launched the phone app.


We offer a prize to the value of R35 000 (Competition 2) that you can win. You will receive an entry for every R1 spent at partners. You can mail till slips through to We will allot points for your spending. Please note that when your principal pay for a voucher that the spending on those vouchers is allotted to him/her.


You might for example win a voucher to the value of R150 from your principal. We urge advisors that win such prizes to PLEASE treat themselves and try to spend as close as possible to R300 when dining out. Enjoy Life, relax, buy a bottle wine etc. You will receive points on the amount spent above the R150 that the principal paid for.

We also support financial advisors with a nice gift structure that you can use to help secure more business. By now, you will know that our focus is to sell the person… We implement action plans that will help you to be recommended. Your clients can and will recommend you to others when they understand how much we value you as person.


If you want to thank a client for supporting you, we can do it better. Advisors often buy clients flowers or chocolates etc. We ask advisors to buy a restaurant voucher. You can mail us the clients contact details and for how much such voucher needs to be issued. A R50 voucher might bring in better results than to spend R100 on flowers.

The Homecare board will then e-mail your client the voucher and we then explain the unique partnership and how much we value you as person. This will result in additional business for you as advisor. Flowers cannot talk the way we can!

Herewith an example of such e-mail. Our software can mail letter for different reasons. It might be that you want to send a person a voucher for his/her birthday. Could be a client that signed a contract where you earned a large commission… Thanking a client is much more important than what one would think… It is small things that result in huge sales!

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