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Restaurants & coffee shops

Is to manage national competitions on behalf of all the business partners to reward/thank the public for supporting them.

The software is developed in such a manner that it will be easy for the public to participate. There will also be no extra workload for the companies in the network.


The competitions will be well marketed. Invoices, statements and receipts are also used to market the business network with the competitions to clients of our business partners.


The software supports companies with smaller amounts of invoices and statements as well as companies in the retail market (clients who only receive receipts when they purchase products).

We developed the software to support companies who want to use these services. It is not compulsory for companies, but it is important to understand that being on the business directory will help with additional business.

The business directory needs to support companies who cannot (are not allowed) to offer rewards for spending… Examples would be attorneys. The companies are still part of the business network and the public will know that the attorney donates. The public will however not receive entries into the national competition when they support the attorney. The public (our support base) will use the attorney’s services just because they know bedridden patients benefit.     


Companies who cannot use invoices, or receipts to market the business directory, but who can list their company as a company where people can earn entries into the National competition will also benefit when other companies help to market the business directory… Our focus is to support a small percentage of companies per industry.


The bulk of the competition entries will be where the client acts on information printed on his/her receipt and thereafter visit the Homecare website to enter.


We explain with the first example how accommodation companies can enter their clients and with the second example how clients (who received receipts out of retail industry) can enter themselves into the National competition. We expect that more than 90% of the accommodation companies on our network will use the invoice structure… At present all the companies we sign up in the accommodation industry are willing to use invoices. We are now busy and it might be that we find one or two companies per area that might not use this function… (we foresee a small percentage).


First Example:


A guesthouse can print on their invoices that they are proud sponsors of the Homecare Foundation and guests can visit the website to enter into the competitions (claim the amount spent).


Some management teams asked if they can register their clients directly. The software support companies with such services. Management can either capture each client individually, or they can import a csv file with all the month’s invoices which will only take a minute.


The Homecare Foundation will thereafter e-mail all their clients who supported them during the month the following:

Dear Bernard Le Roux


Thank you for supporting Dai Heka guesthouse with your business. Theresa Brits entered you into our national competition as a token of her appreciation for your support.


The total prize value for January 2017 is R1.67 million, which includes exceptional holiday prizes, a car and numerous other prizes. Please visit the website for prize details and for terms and conditions.


You received 59 entries for the R1 780.00 you have spent at Dai Heka guesthouse. The total number of entries for the January 2017 competition linked to: = 59 entries.


Please note that your contact details and all other information remain confidential. We will not contact you or allow anybody else to contact you. We only allocate entries to your e-mail address (unique identifier) for competition purposes. 


You can earn more entries when supporting any of the companies we work with. We partner with companies in different industries which even include coffee shops, restaurants, plumbers, hairdressers etc. The list is endless.


If you need any product or service, please visit the Homecare business directory. We will put you in contact with people that focus on service and who want to make a difference within their communities.


The Homecare Foundation is proud to be affiliated with Dai Heka guesthouse and with numerous other companies in our country. People like you, who support our partners, make it possible for us to help bedridden patients.


If you know of anyone looking for business or holiday accommodation, please recommend Dai Heka guesthouse, or ask them to visit the Homecare business directory and book via the directory into any of our other accommodation partners nationally.


The Homecare Foundation relies on the business partners to fund the patients. We help the accommodation companies save booking fee commissions when guests book via the business directory. You will find all the contact details of the accommodation partners with links to their own websites that provide all the detail about their rooms and facilities.


It is best when the accommodation company communicate directly with the guests. They can provide better service as they will know the exact needs and they can prepare better for clients when they know what the clients before they arrive.


We ask companies who work with us to focus on exceptional service. We do not want the public to lack on service delivery just because they were willing to help us fund bedridden patients. We are confident that you can rely on exceptional service from our accommodation partners when you support us in our task.


The more we help companies save on unnecessary costs, the better we can help the patients. 


We help fund the shortfalls on budgets of caretakers and with our current food prizes these people struggle to pay for the necessities to look after bedridden loved ones. We support people (all diseases) when they become in need of frail care, which is very costly. We do our best to partner with the best accommodation companies; hence we can recommend any of these companies.


Once again, thank you for your support! You help us make South Africa a better place for people in need.




The Homecare team.

The competition structure enables businesses to thank and reward people who supported them. It also creates the opportunity to market the business network to clients of companies within the network.


The e-mails that the Homecare Foundation will send to clients are programmed to be industry related. The Foundation can ask clients who visited an accommodation company to please recommend the company to others. We also ask the clients to recommend other accommodation companies in the network to friends and family.


As a third party, the Homecare Foundation explains why the accommodation partners are important to the Foundation. We explain our business plan to help bedridden patients and how the public can help without the need to donate out of their own pockets.


The benefits of talking to accommodation companies directly and how everybody wins when the Business directory is used for bookings are described in detail.


The e-mails are industry related. We can print messages that will help our hairdressers, fuel stations, restaurants; any type of business that partner with the Homecare Foundation.

Our intention is also to do cross marketing to help restaurants nationally (almost the same concept as for accommodation companies). We can ask restaurant clients to please support other restaurants when they travel etc. We plan our restaurant footprint in such a way that we help a small number of restaurants per geographical area. It is to the benefit of the restaurants to help each other. Our action plan will have a significant impact on our restaurant partner’s success.


It is also an ingénues method of thanking the clients as a third party and to inform the clients that the business owners are important to the community.

Second Example: (click here if you want to read how Dischem for example will enter clients)

Most companies will print information on their invoices and statements. Their clients will have to visit the website and enter themselves into the competitions.


The public are told that their contact information remains confidential and that the Foundation only uses it for entry allocations. No company is allowed access to their contact details.

You can view the page where the public can enter on this link. Please click on the more info button to view how we explain information confidentiality. (Note that we use the page where we print additional detail about the restaurant, or where special offerings can be advertised. Restaurants can therefore update these pages on a regular basis if they want to communicate additional information to people who enter.)

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