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Unique media strategies to secure business from South Africans


Readers should know that although we focus on growing tourism from abroad, we equally put in energy to secure business from South Africans.


We must help our "Strategic Accommodation Partners" to increase business and if we focus on both strategies, our partners will succeed.


What is important for South Africans?

Well, the first thing people are concerned about is the economy of South Africa. Everybody hopes for miracles that will help our country get out of trouble. Our media campaigns will inform South Africans about our focus to grow tourism, and that we will appreciate their support when they need accommodation themselves. (South Africans will obviously know that we do not ask booking fee commissions.)


We only need to ask South Africans to unite and work with us to grow the economy… This is a message that other booking companies cannot broadcast. They do business to benefit themselves.


Then there are also other things that is important to South Africans… One is for example their own personal safety.


Our support plan is so well designed that it will almost be impossible to fail our "Key Partners".

The Homecare Foundation will for example use the Enjoy Life or Enjoy South Africa app to support South Africans in a unique way. We will inform users that if they drink a coffee at one of our restaurant partners, that we in partnership with the restaurant will pay for the personal security services on behalf of the phone user.

South Africans can, if they want to, install the CASI app, which will cost them R35 per month per phone. Project Help phone app will cost the phone user R59 per month! Our negotiations with Aura allowed us the opportunity to offer the same service (Because we include foreigners) at a cost where the restaurant can donate the security part, plus a contribution towards caretakers of bedridden patients out of a coffee sale.

This unique plan will ensure that the Enjoy Life/South Africa app will become the most sort after app in South Africa. People are concerned about personal security, and if there is a solution where they can help others, help our economy to recover, and secure their own safety, by simply Enjoying Life, they will do so!


The Enjoy Life/South Africa app will be extensively marketed. We implement plans to reach school kids, students, working people and even old age homes. (The Homecare team also receive donations from our property partners which is earmarked to provide private security services to people in old age homes.) Parents will activate the security options on their kids phones. We are going to assist the private security indutry to help South Africans best.


With many app users, we can be sure that accommodation bookings will be administrated by the platform. We will inform app users that when they use the website for accommodation bookings, that their own phones will receive credits and depending on the period they book, they might also contribute towards security support for the elderly.


This platform will become the most important support tool that accommodation companies could wish for.

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