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Accommodation Companies

Accommodation bookings & transport
Interaction with Travel Agencies


Travel agencies plays an important role in the tourism industry. These people often direct business to countries and accommodation companies they feel will provide the best service to their clients.


Security risks is one of the major concerns that these companies take into consideration. They will do their best to become the client’s preferred travel agency.


We know that these companies built their own database of preferred suppliers. Our objective is to approach these companies in South Africa and abroad and introduce the booking platform. The Booking platform will within a few years change to the booking site.


Our business strategy is to eventually offer support services to all the SADC countries. These countries all face poverty and have wage earners that could benefit out of our Xtra Grocery software platform.


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We will use video clips in media campaigns specifically aimed at decision makers working at Travel Agencies where our Media Ambassadors will explain that accommodation companies in South Africa had united and decided to use software structures that enable us to provide the best security to tourists via the private sector.


Our plan is to ask our media ambassadors to make videos inside Aura’s offices and explain in short how our security support is structured. They will explain that we use the best restaurants and accommodation companies in South Africa to ensure that the tourist experience the best holiday possible. These media messages are directly aimed at management within the travel agency sector abroad.


We will provide these companies with access to all our clients in South Africa, even the companies that are not participating in the Pre-Launch phase. We will however identify the “Key Partners” so that all the tour operators will know about our strategy to first secure business for these companies in order to ensure high accommodation standards.


We know that these travel agencies often want to negotiate discounts to make more money out of arranging holidays for their clients. It is with that in mind, that we decided to build a business plan where the software structure we provide does not compete for booking fees.


We will use the software platform to monitor which travel agents abroad is actively securing business for South Africa. We will build a profile of these travel agencies and this profile information will be shared with guesthouse owners.


R5 million out of our "Bucket List Fund" is allocated to funding accommodation costs for foreigners. The bulk is earmarked to reward strategic partners such as travel agents who we identified as being loyal to South Africa.


A hotel or guest house might be able to determine how many clients a Travel Agency supplied to the specific business. It is not known how many clients the specific Travel Agency sent to South Africa. The software we develop will give us a better idea about the total support. Our plan is to reward Travel Agencies when they forward larger numbers of tourists.


We intend to provide these Travel Agencies a contribution out of the Bucket List fund when they do send larger volumes. This will ensure that our “Key Partners” gain business when the Travel Agencies abroad become more active.




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