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Accommodation bookings & transport
How we use our BEE Structure to support companies


The Homecare Board decided to register a Company with a high BEE rating so that we can work with larger companies in South Africa who are forced to look at their spending and earning points for their own BEE ratings. Companies such as Engen, Vodacom and other larger organizations are all audited to ensure that their spending ends up in BEE rated companies.


We know that accommodation companies cannot always structure ownership to ensure high BEE ratings. (We can address this problem if it influences business.)


The software platform we develop allows larger corporations to register themselves as users on our Booking system. They can then notify us if they require an annual accommodation spending report for Audit purposes. The system will e-mail them a rating certificate with their total spending via the platform in all the accommodation companies they used during the specific period they require the certificate. and other global companies do not care about BEE ratings. They will never change their management or shareholding structure to apply for BEE ratings.


The Homecare Board also went through processes to find the directors we believe will represent the company the best.


Bonga (Scarra) Ntubeni is one of the remarkable directors we appointed to manage the booking company. This photo was taken by Johan Fourie (Hanno’s dad) almost a year before we met Scarra for the first time. This showed us his commitment towards all South Africans, irrespective their race. The other directors are also hand picked to represent the company the best.


Our unique strategy will help larger organizations in South Africa, not only with scoring points, but also with lower accommodation costs.



The Homecare team will after completion of the website send representatives on road shows where they will visit all the major companies in South Africa and explain that the group of accommodation companies involved in this booking site teamed up to help restore our economy. When the economy grow, these major companies will benefit directly. We know hat these larger organizations will support us in return.

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