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Homecare Foundation invites business owners to participate in the Pre-Launch phase of our Accommodation Booking platform. The companies who join our Pre-Launch phase will be referred to as "Key Partners" and will be supported and receive communication as if they are shareholders in the software. The "Key Partners" will also receive funds out of the software, apart from the best booking support, to help their businesses.


South Africa is in a troubled position. (It is not only the Billions our country lost due to state capturing, the damage is far greater than one could imagine.)

The negative media about President Jacob Zuma and our police services resulted in a decline in the tourism industry. Numerous countries rely on tourism to build their economies.

The video clip we publish is just one example of how our country was joked about by well-known people abroad. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May host the TV Show (The Grant Tour) and this show is watched by millions across the globe.


The Grant Tour is a UK based programme. It is estimated that more than 26 million US based people watched this show.


In this video, even our police force was joked about. Tourists will always contemplate their own safety when they plan holidays. Travel agencies will also not recommend South Africa as destination when safety is a concern. We believe that media such as per example, had a huge impact on our tourism sector.


The reality is that our Police force are often talked about. Images where people on duty are found asleep will not help our cause.


The government will not acknowledge that media about our country had a devastating effect on tourism, which furthermore resulted in additional losses for other companies in the small business sector (Fast food businesses, restaurants etc also relies on foreigners to visit our country).


Violence towards tourists, strikes, everything negative broadcast abroad has a negative impact on our economy.


This results in enormous financial constraints that ordinary South Africans must deal with. There are numerous caretakers of bedridden patients caught in difficult financial circumstances. The only way to help these people financially is to implement software that can earn income for them, instead of an NPO  begging for financial support.


The Homecare team develop software that will address many problems our country face, including software to help restore business in our tourism industry.


Accommodation options

There are unfortunately too many accommodation options available to serve the current need.


When supply oversee demand in this unhealthy balance, numerous business owners who own guest houses, lodges etcetera will find it difficult to do business. We must address this challenge. Tourism will only grow if we ensure that accommodation companies with high standards remain in business.


Our project will, unfortunately, impact accommodation companies who do not support foreigners. We explain on the Tourism media page how we will ask South Africans to support our "Key Partners". It is therefore important to read content on this website, even if you only support South Africans with holiday or business accommodation.


The technology we develop is specifically designed to help a smaller number of companies gain access to more guests. Our objective is to grow our tourism. Global companies such as, Trafalgar, Travel Ground and Airbnb will never develop their software structure where they will firstly, help South Africa to compete better against other countries to grow tourism, and most importantly, help a smaller number of accommodation companies in a geographical area to secure more business against the other accommodation companies.


We know that to successfully grow tourism; we need to ensure that guests experience exceptional service when they use accommodation facilities. To provide exceptional service, the business owners must be well funded so that they can employ enough staff who all focus on service delivery. We also feel that our South African business-people and our own holidaymakers should receive value for their money when they book accommodation.


With regards to technology, we also need to take into account the negative effect that Airbnb has on the industry. Airbnb will always remain a role player in the accommodation industry. We take Airbnb into consideration while we develop technology to help our "Key Partners" increase business.

The information we share is only available to "Key Partners". The other accommodation companies will after 1 February 2020 be invited via normal media strategies, and detailed content on this website will not be shared with them.


Now that we explained the importance of this project, readers will understand why we will focus all our energy into helping between 1 and 5 accommodation companies per geographical area to receive clients in future without paying any booking fees or any marketing fees at all. Only 262 accommodation companies nationally are invited into the Pre-Launch project.


The "Key Partners" we invite will also work more toward 90% plus room occupation. This project will change our country. It is only fair that South Africans reward the 262 accommodation companies now being invited. These companies will also during 2020 receive more direct bookings and the need to pay companies such as or Airbnb booking fees will be reduced. Companies joining the project after 1 February will also benefit, although on a lower level. 


On this website, we explain the following points:

  • How media will be used to ensure that foreigners will invite friends & family to South Africa

  • How Private Security Companies will help protect tourists & South African guests

  • The specific development strategy to ensure more guests for our partners

  • The different groups of people who will continuously use “Word of mouth” marketing strategies to help find guests for our partners

  • Communication strategies to invite foreigners back for second visits

  • How our Pre-launch software will already increase business long before we do the official launch in media. (Pre-launch is scheduled for 1 February 2020)

  • How our own "Lotto system", will be used to help secure more business for our accommodation partners. A huge amount (millions per month) will be invested into this important project. In a strange way, the poor, who cannot afford leisure or business accommodation will contribute to the growth of the economy, and will ensure that our partners will receive more clients.


We also explain why we think it is important that a Non-Profit Organization should head this important project to restore growth in tourism. We believe that you will be impressed with how thousands of South Africans, plus well-known ambassadors can use technology plus extraordinary business plans to help restore our economy.


The content on this web-page is published by our chairman, Pieter van Vuuren, who leads the development team and who is responsible to negotiate strategic partnerships with other companies that will help restore growth in the tourism industry. He had numerous meetings and discussions with tourists to ensure that the project plan implemented will make a positive contribution.


You will read about phone app technology that will play a significant role in this project. We are using most likely the best software developers left in South Africa for this important project. Most experienced (older generation) programmers already left South Africa due to pressure of BEE positioning. They earn much more and are in demand abroad.


There are other South African booking companies that try to compete against global companies. They, unfortunately, do not commit themselves to ask fees when they successfully supplied guests. They prefer a fixed monthly/yearly fee with a commitment that they will publish the contact details of companies on their websites, and want to convince business owners that people who called indirectly have done so due to the exposure they provided. The days of the “Yellow Pages” are long gone!


If a company cannot commit that they will only ask fees when they supplied guests, they actually acknowledge that they will not successfully compete against the global companies.

The Homecare Board must earn fees for bedridden patients. Our hospitals and support units for people without medical aid is also sliding backward. The pressure on people being cared for at home is increasing. The Homecare Foundation cannot fail them. This being said, we decided to develop technology that we know will change the accommodation industry again. (Airbnb already had a NEGATIVE impact on accommodation companies)

We also think that more than 70% of bookings in South Africa is done by South Africans for business, leisure and other reasons. Accommodation companies relying on the internet alone will not succeed. Successful accommodation companies depend on referrals and direct bookings. Most pro-active companies use newsletters to source business.

The number of direct bookings will, unfortunately, be influenced by this important project. South Africans will use the Enjoy Life phone app technology for "other reasons" and the Enjoy Life phone app will support and reward them better when they need accommodation.

This is a project and not just another booking site. Business owners should understand just how difficult it will be to successfully compete against, Airbnb etcetera. It is easy to develop a booking site, it is another challenge to ensure that the site will generate business. There is a lot of pressure on our team to develop the best software structures. We must implement and manage technology that will remain in the industry if we want to help our bedridden patients.


If we do not use other software programmes we develop, that you will read about, we will not even attempt to compete against or Airbnb. It will only be a waste of money to even try to compete...


We will explain later on the website just what the impact of Google, for example, has on well-known booking sites, and why companies such as and Airbnb still spend huge amounts on Google Keywords. Our existing South African based companies do not have the budgets required to compete against that! (Remember that Lekkeslaap is owned by Travel Ground and is not a South African based company. Lekkeslaap is an Afrikaans marketing component of Travel Ground)


We predict that to successfully compete against the top companies on the internet, South African companies will have to ask between 35% and 45% commission if they want to spend enough money on internet platforms. It is then impossible to support accommodation companies, as work on 27,2% (the highest as far as we know), which they ask companies to receive coverage on the first 4 pages - (According to research in Paarl)


We know what is expected from us, and our technology in other sectors enables us to provide a competitive service where we will provide clients and only ask a booking fee on successful bookings at 4% commission. Our own Lotto system (Bucket List Software) combined with the software we use in other industries, plus the way we will manage the "Google Ad Keyword" process on the internet enables us to accomplish the almost impossible. (You will only understand it all after reading more content on the website)


The Homecare team decided to support small group of accommodation providers in South Africa as "Key Partners". You will read how we will ask South Africans to support our "Key Partners". We cannot predict if our economy will go backward and when it will turn around.


Our commitment is to help "Key Partners" exceed 80% room occupancy. It will be easier to commit such support to a smaller number of companies per geographical area. If the demand for accommodation reduce further, our "Key Partners" will still be in a better position after we launched the "Pre-Launch software".


The Homecare team will also provide clients long before the technology we develop is available to South Africans. We erect a small "booking agency" who will book clients without asking any booking fees during the period we develop/test the important software. The booking agency team will use staff in other companies with "word of mouth" marketing plus social media to source business. The partnership with less than 5% of accommodation companies in other geographical areas across South Africa and the technology we provide will already increase business. We explain this support in the "Partnership" page.


We understand Social Media, and how to use it to your benefit. We understand how search engines work and how to best use Google to help our partners. We understand the importance of “Word of Mouth” marketing and we implement unique strategies to dominate in that area.

The accommodation booking process is only a small part of this important project. You will read about the "Bucket List Software" that does not exist at the moment. The "Bucket List Software" will touch the lives of millions, including the poor, and will generate millions to help restore growth in our economy via tourism.

It is important to be positive about our country. We need to assist President Ramaphosa in his attempt to get our country out of its difficult position.

Phone app technology (Push Notification Technology) will change the way people search for accommodation even more. South Africa has more than 14 million Facebook users who use phones to access Facebook. (We agree that the majority can book into accommodation companies)

Our developers specialize in phone app technology. The trend is already that internet users move away from computers and rather access information via their phones.

We believe that more than 85% of bookings where people visit a guest-house, hotel etcetera, for the first time, was influenced by the internet. People will first access additional information about the place they intend to book before making the booking.


South Africans who love this country, will unite behind us when they realize that by doing so, they invest in their own future. We start our Pre-Launch process on 1 February 2020.

We will within a month reach more than 1 million South Africans via Social Platforms and we will ask them to unite behind us so that we can use technology to systematically work towards a better South Africa.

We will with the Pre-Launch start with media postings in well-positioned social media pages.

One example is:


I Am Staying is a Facebook group that all decided to support positive campaigns that will benefit South Africa. They already have more than

681 177 members. With one posting where we inform South Africans that we work towards a better South Africa, and we need their support, please register on our Pre-launch page to win the Bucket List competition, the momentum shift towards the "Key Partners" will be huge!

Gifts to be funded out of the Bucket List Fund

The Homecare Board develop different software platforms to support each other in this important project.


The Bucket List software (discussed later in detail) will compete against the National Lottery. The software will generate millions to support our causes.


R8 million per month out of that project will be invested in the platform.

The costs are viewed as marketing costs, although the Enjoy Life App will almost market itself due to the services provided on the App.


The funds will be used to help subsidize accommodation costs of foreigners who are invited back into the country and accommodation costs of South Africans using the app.


Phone users will find a gift box on certain ads of companies. Software will determine which companies will automatically receive these gift boxes. The software focuses more on shareholders. (The way companies are supported is explained later with more detail.)


We are preparing for our Pre-Launch which is scheduled for 1 Feb 2020. The 262 companies that register per geographical area will share in R2 million of the R8 million.


The gift boxes will give a phone user between 10% and 100% discount. The idea is to provide larger gifts for our "Key Partners", which will be funded by the Homecare Foundation.


The business owners can view it as a partnership with for example Lotto. Guests will pay a smaller fee to use their facilities and the balance of the accommodation invoice will be paid by the Homecare Foundation out of the "Bucket List Fund".


The 262 accommodation companies will get as close as possible to 90% room occupancy. Gifts will always appear on their ads, and the ads will be on top of the landing pages.


Readers should know that we position the software to be competitive against all the booking support companies offering services in South Africa. We have to outsmart them from the start. Using other technology and funds will give us the edge we prepare for.


Costs to become a "Key Partner"


There are two groups of “Key Partners” we invite.


Group 1: 262 companies positioned nationally are invited before we can launch the first media campaign, scheduled for 1 February 2020.


Group 2: After 1 February 2020, another 300 companies will be invited to help test the software once we are ready for test phase. We need enough companies to test the important software we develop.


The costs to become a “Key Partners” could be as low as R100 per month. It depends on which group the business owner wants to register for.

The financial & marketing support commitments from the Homecare team towards the two groups is as follow:


Group 1:


We negotiate that business owners donate the costs of what a single person who need accommodation for one night will pay.


The Homecare team will focus to secure clients for this group first. Our call centre and our network of businesses will all be involved in the process to ensure that the accommodation companies in group 1 should at least receive bookings that the business owner will be able to fund the donation towards the Homecare Foundation out of clients we forward.


Businesses in group 1 must be listed in our database when the call centre start with the media campaign. They must be in a position to immediately support South Africans who need business or leisure accommodation when we receive booking requests.


Group 1 will receive the best support from all the businesses we will support.


The Homecare Foundation will also allocate R2 million per month into a fund that will help “Key Partners” to replace linen on a regular basis. The fund allocation towards the 262 “Key Partners” is explained on the Partnership page. The allocation towards partners is based on a point system where the first companies to sign up will receive a larger portion than company number 262.


The first companies will each receive more than R19 600 per month out of this support fund, and the last company will receive + R 1 900 per month. We publish more detail in the Partnership page and we will also mail business owners the report on how we predict the financial support will be, based on the progress we made with the companies who signed up. The current prediction is that a company who register today, will receive + R18 431 per month out of the support fund. (This support amount will decline as companies register. The period involved in the Pre-Launch preparation phase plays an important role in the allocation of support)


Group 2:


In group 2, we ask accommodation companies to donate from R100 upwards. They will also receive clients during the Pre-Launch period, but only after our commitment towards the first group has been accomplished. Our media campaigns and business support will be strong enough to secure business. It is also explained on the Partnership Page. It will benefit readers if they cannot register for group 1, to register for group 2 as soon as possible. We will be approached by numerous businesses after 1 February 2020, and we will required to notify these business owners that we cannot take in business on a large scale while we test software. The software also provide registration numbers to companies, and our team work towards booking companies with the lowest registration numbers first.


Group 2 will share in R1 million per month to help them keep their linen in order.


It will obviously be better to be in Group 1. We do not know if the business owners we invite all have the ability to register for Group 1. We therefore enable readers to register now if they want to be in the second group.


The donation contributions will be for a short period. The project (test phase) will actually be funded by South Africans who book accommodation via our support structure. Business owners can obviously cancel our partnership arrangement if they are not happy with the progress.


Within 3 months after we launched the first phase. more than 80% of business owners within the small business sector in your geographical area will be informed via News letters who the "Key Partners" are that we rely on, and we will ask them to please help support these companies as the growth of the economy, (which has an impact on them) depends on our ability to work together.


We hope that this information published in the Introduction Page will encourage you to study the website... It is better to know what technology, and which partnerships, will in future have an important impact on your business. People often invest millions into infrastructure with the hope to host guests. If there is technology that might influence that investment negatively, it must be known in advance!


To reduce reading time for companies who do not focus on foreigners, we color coded the links on the menu bar. All the pages are actually important, but if we must recommend what you need to investigate further, please read the text links color coded in blue.



Thank you for your valuable time!

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