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You will also read why the Foundation will support the restaurant and fast food industry without asking them any fees to help them with marketing. (We invite during the first Phase 105 restaurants and 210 fast-food businesses. We will later invite other restaurants and fast food businesses into the project.)

The latest cell phone technology will be used to support the tourism industry without any costs. The Foundation will encourage tourists (foreigners) to support the 105 Spar branches and the 105 restaurants. We describe why the Foundation will in future allocate more than R3.3 million per month towards funding 105 restaurants. It is the only project where outside companies (The Homecare Foundation and its’ business partners) are willing to give financial support to a small group of restaurateurs.

We help other business owners with what is important to them; increase income in their businesses. We developed the Enjoy Life phone app where we used Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) technology to provide a more comprehensive solution that will help business owners earn more income.

The phone app helps business owners with the following:

  • Marketing (Businesses can reach a person on his/her phone, even if the phone user does not know of the business when driving into the business’ catchment area).

  • Monitoring that the staff provide excellent service.

  • Help business owners with their customers where we encourage, manage and reward people for loyal support.

The Enjoy Life phone app is a porthole, where up to 10 000 companies can share one phone app on a person’s smart phone. It is software similar to what Google does for websites, but smart phone technology is more complex. To be able to communicate with a person via cell phone will help a large number of companies secure more business at a lower cost… certain companies will be able to do that without any costs!

We foresee that roughly 6 000 companies nationally will be supported to gain market share via our smart phone technology. We invite the best companies per sector first, and we help them gain more market share. It is only in the accommodation industry that we focus on a larger number of companies. We need a fairly large amount of accommodation companies to support the entire tourism industry. We will support the accommodation companies free of charge, hence we expect a large number of companies on the phone app. Some of these business owners (companies receiving free marketing support) will also be requested to support our Spar partners.     

The current food price increases put considerable financial pressure on caretakers. Our country is facing huge political challenges which impact the most vulnerable people as well. We cannot allow these people to struggle financially in order to pay for the bare necessities needed to help bedridden patients. We implement a business plan that will secure funding on an on-going basis.


To help companies increase profits (thus help patients), we need to use tools that were never available to companies prior to this invitation. We need to implement business plans that also were never thought of before. It is only with advanced software and fresh ideas that we can make a difference.

It is such an enormous task we embark on to fund a patient’s personal costs. It is only possible if we develop tools that will influence marketing. It is only possible when such tools enable the Foundation to reward companies in partnership with more clients. The software needs to be more valuable than what Google is doing for internet marketing. The strength of the Enjoy Life app is explained in phase 2 on the website.  

To provide financially to a patient’s personal costs will also require support from the public. The combined energy where we help other business owners, and where we get the public’s support will all contribute to more turnover for our 105 strategic Spar partners.

The Homecare Foundation use two IT companies for this important project. CSE Services developed the intellectual/operational part of the Enjoy Life app. CSFS is now busy with the final part of the development. The Enjoy Life app needs to be one of the most secured phone app platforms in our country. We will support millions of South Africans as well as foreigners; hence data security will have the highest priority.

There is also additional software that needs to be developed for “Stress tests”. We need to simulate what will happen if 20 million phone users use the Enjoy Life app simultaneously. We cannot allow the phone app to be offline for a second. The Foundation partnered with specialists to complete this important task. You can read more about CSFS on the following link:

CSFS is managed by exceptional people. They have most likely the best industry knowledge and their board of directors are astonishing people.

The entire project will be ready for launch in May 2018. We are now busy to set-up the “Key Business Partner” network (Property companies, restaurants, motor companies and financial advisors). There is a lot of preparation work to get all the companies ready for the partnership.     

Our partnership with other businesses will ensure that the restaurant partners will benefit directly.

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