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Accommodation companies

​​Is to ask businesses in our network to please support our accommodation partners.


We ask companies to please support each other. Business owners of the companies we partner with will contact the accommodation partners when they personally need to travel for business and need accommodation or if they want to book holiday accommodation.

We do our best to invite the best first. We explain to the other companies that we will invite the best accommodation companies first. Our media campaigns will explain that we negotiated the “best rooms” from the “best accommodation companies” from the “best business owners’ within the accommodation industry.

We know that this project will not be supported by every business owner we approach within the accommodation industry. We inform business partners in the other industries about our progress, same as we will do for you, should you decide to support the Homecare Foundation.

This project is about humanity. It is about finding people who will do their best to help others. We are fortunate to live in a country where there are numerous people who put the wellbeing of others before their own.

We can therefore rely on the fact that the other business owners we negotiate with will support our accommodation partners.  They will help us to help caretakers and bedridden patients.

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