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Accommodation companies

Benefit for the Homecare Foundation to manage a competition structure


The Homecare management think about the project strategically. The Foundation will not raise funds to help the patients if it cannot help our business partners! It will not be wise to earn R6 million for patients and the earnings are for a short period. The only way to ensure that the Foundation will remain for years to come is to implement strategies where we market the Homecare Foundation effectively to the public.

The Foundation cannot only communicate to the public about our needs… This is in general communication that NPO organizations send to the public… please help, we have these needs. Our strategy is to rely on positive communication. We need to inform the public that they can help, without the necessity for them to pay funds out of their own pockets.

The Foundation also wants to thank the public when they support our business partners… Positive communication will result in long-term benefits for everybody involved. It is possible with the small amounts companies donate, to make a significant difference in patients’ lives, and simultaneously help our business partners.

The following points were taken into consideration when the competition structure was planned:

  1. Approximately 95% of our intended client base will not be able to run large competitions on their own.

  2. It is costly to run competitions. It is not only the funds needed to provide the prizes; companies also need lots of marketing budget to market their competitions.

  3. It is important to thank clients for their spending… It will be tremendous if you can reward your clients by offering them a chance to win exceptional prizes.

  4. The best thanking method of all, is when a third party thank your clients for supporting your business… especially if the third party can explain to your clients that your business play an important role in the community!

With all these things in mind, we started to plan and develop the software.

We publish more detail about the following:

  1. Software Structure

    We give details how companies can use software to thank and reward their own clients.

    You can read with examples how invoices, statements and receipts will be used to market the accommodation companies towards the High LSM Income public. The Foundation asks them to book directly without using a booking agency.

    Our task is to increase profits and to accomplish that; we need to reduce the amounts paid on booking fee commissions.
    (Read more...Recommended to all companies.)

  2. Obtaining prizes

    Read how the Foundation will pay for prizes. We explain how the services provided to other business partners helps the Foundation to obtain a large number of carwash vouchers, cappuccino vouchers and other prizes. The variety of prizes will help our accommodation partners. (Read more… if time available)

  3. Marketing strategies to inform the public about business directory and competitions

    Our media strategies (including coffee media campaigns) to ensure that the public visit the business directory is explained. (Read more...Recommended to all companies.)



Conclusion of competition fund and software

The Foundation will manage approximately 35 000 prizes per month. A large number of prizes will be cappuccino vouchers, carwash vouchers etc. The Foundation needs specialized software to manage such a process. It will be a mammoth task to communicate with the public about their competition statuses, and to manage the distribution of vouchers without software specifically programmed for such a project.


The National competition will in future play a vast role in the Homecare Foundation’s ability to fund caretakers. There is one thing that we cannot ignore… The need to support bedridden patients will never disappear, in fact, it grows rapidly.       


The first competitions will commence within 6 months. We have interim action plans that will assist our accommodation partners before we launch the national competitions.

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Is to manage national competitions on behalf of all the business partners to reward/thank the public for supporting them.

Accommodation companies can use the national competition fund to thank guests for their support. The fund will consist of monthly prizes to the value of R2 million.


The Homecare project took 4 years to prepare. (We commenced in 2011 to help Multiple Sclerosis patients when we developed software for the motor industry.) The national competition fund is truly an advanced business case. Larger organizations will most likely not implement such a plan on their own.


It is now for the first time possible for companies across different industries to share marketing out of one National competition fund.

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