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Accommodation companies

Is to market the Homecare business directory effectively to the public.


​​The Homecare Foundation partners with numerous companies, including attorneys, accountants, doctors etc. the list of companies is endless.


Our main focus is to increase “word of mouth” marketing. There are also other focus points that vary per industry. For more info, click here.

We developed an advanced business directory that even enables us to manage a national competition fund on behalf of all the companies in our network. The national competitions and the business network of companies (in all the industries) who help caretakers will be well marketed.

We want to give you an idea of how your company and your staff will be presented to the public we target via the business directory. We publish an example with content of Dai-Heka Guesthouse. Please click on every button/link on this business directory example.

demonstration: click on search

Business Type

e.g. Attorneys


Search >

Strand, Western Cape

e.g. Brackenfell

*(x amount/entry) = you will receive one entry into national competition for the amount spent at business partner


>  Barloworld Toyota Tygervalley (R2000/entry)

>  Burges Plumbing (R30/entry)

>  Edward Sonnenbergs Attorneys (n/applicaple

>  Ronel's Guest House (R20/entry)

>  The Pavilion Restaurant (R20/entry)

>  XYZ Properties (R5000/entry)

>  Supa Quick Paarl (R40/entry)

>  The Perfect Hair (R30/entry)

>  Engen Garsfontein Pretoria (R10/entry)

>  Dai Heka Guest House (R20/entry)

>  Bruce McWilliam Industries (R300/entry)

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Main Sponsors


A word of appreciation to our main sponsors. Without their commitment and financial contributions, none of our important services will be possible…




We also need to thank our fuel station partners. They pay the salaries of our fundraising team.

Exceptional prizes


Win one of hundreds of prizes. Each month our business network contributes to prizes. This is one of the largest reward structures ever offered by an NPO organization and its business partners, to thank South Africans for making a difference…




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The Homecare team do their best to invite the top companies per geographical area. A small number of companies are invited to manage supply and demand better. This will secure more business for all our partners.


The media campaigns will inform the public that we have a list of companies (including plumbers) that teamed up to provide long-term solutions to bedridden patients. We believe that our marketing strategies will catch an audience that will support our business partners to also help patients.

Our objective is to encourage people to recommend your business. Keep in mind that the person who will view the business directory will be on the Homecare website (they will know our focus points and how important it is for the foundation to liaise with top companies).


It will help when the public search for an accommodation company and they see the entire team working at the company shares in our mission to upkeep patients. The business directory enables business owners to list all the staff. The business owner can write a profile about each staff member. You might include information about the staff member’s family, where he/she grew up etc. (Click here if you missed the personnel tab when you viewed the business directory. We will quickly direct you to one of the kitchen staff’s page.)

The Business directory support accommodation companies with their own websites and companies without websites. It publishes all the necessary contact details. It is recommended, but not compulsory, that accommodation companies investigate the options to publish their own websites. The business directory can only support one photo of a company.


A percentage of the public will support accommodation companies we invite without looking at website information. Internet users are used to browse websites before they make decisions. We explain under focus point 6 internet strategies to help accommodation companies secure more internet business.

The business directory will soon be published. The companies we registered as business partners are busy to arrange staff photos and to collect data.

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