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Homecare Foundation business network

The Homecare Foundation is proud to partner with companies that help fund caretakers of bedridden patients.


All the companies listed in our business directory contribute on a monthly basis to help fund the shortfalls that caretakers have on their monthly budgets.


We ask readers of our website to please support these companies when in need of services/products and to participate in our competitions. It will help the Homecare Foundation when our business partners are supported in return.

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e.g. Brackenfell

*(x amount/entry) = you will receive one entry into national competition for the amount spent at business partner

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Competition information

The Homecare Foundation offers in all likelihood the largest range of prizes amongst NPO organizations to the public. We provide an important service and we need support from our business partners to fulfil our task.


The Foundation developed unique business plans, backed by advanced software to reward our business partners, and simultaneously earn enough funds to help caretakers of bedridden patients.


It is the only system that we know of where companies in different industries can work as a team to fund patients. All our business partners donate additional funds which are utilized to offer prizes to the public.


We negotiate with all kinds of companies, and when you support these companies, you automatically contribute to help bedridden patients.


Entry allocations:

You will note that companies in different industries award different entries for amounts spent. The Homecare board evaluate spending per industry on a monthly basis and thereafter allocate points to different industries. It is not the individual company that decides how much entries you can earn when you support them.


Certain industries are by law not allowed to reward their clients for spending. The companies are allowed to contribute to NPO organizations and they are assisting the Homecare Foundation, for which we are grateful. We will appreciate it if you need their services to consider them. They do make a difference in their communities.


How to enter:

It is simple to enter. All you need is to keep your receipts for verification and to enter the amount you spent on the Business directory.


Search for the company you supported and capture the amount + your e-mail address. Your contact detail will not be provided to any company or used for marketing. It is only unique detail pertaining to you and it is easier for the software to allocate points to your e-mail address.


You can support multiple companies in one month, and all your spending per company will earn you a total number of entries. The more entries you have, the better your chance of winning exceptional prizes.

Main Sponsors


A word of appreciation to our main sponsors. Without their commitment and financial contributions, none of our important services will be possible…




We also need to thank our fuel station partners. They pay the salaries of our fundraising team.

Exceptional prizes


Win one of hundreds of prizes. Each month our business network contributes to prizes. This is one of the largest reward structures ever offered by an NPO organization and its business partners, to thank South Africans for making a difference…




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