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Accommodation companies

Is to market the Homecare business directory effectively to the public.




In short, we provide the following services to other companies:

  • Financial advisors: We will help the financial advisors to work with clients who require their services. We ask the financial advisors to evaluate the client’s disability cover. We also help to source clients that will protect their policies and will not cancel their policies when they are under financial constraints. We also focus to get the financial advisors to clients before their opposition.

  • Motor sales executives: We help a team to get more quotation opportunities. They sell movable assets and we help the sales executive to quote to people nationally. Most vehicle buyers think the sales executive can only sell in the province the executive works in. They don’t really recommend the sales executive to friends and family in other provinces. We also help them to secure more recommendations from their existing clients. We provide a really strong tool to increase “word of mouth” marketing. We also source “fleet sales” (business owners replacing their vehicles for their companies).

  • Estate agents: A small team of estate agents is helped to secure sole mandates much easier than their opposition. We also help the agents to be recommended to people in their communities. We also source buyers for the agents to help them outsell opposition.

  • Restaurants: We market top restaurants nationally on the business directory. The restaurants can offer specials to the public without paying commission to middle man companies such as Groupon, Wikideals etc.

  • Fuel stations: We help one company that competes against 5 or 6, to secure 2% of their opposition’s sales. The opposition will not really feel the 2% knock, but one fuel station will gain 10 to 12% more sales (combining the sales from opposition) that will also contribute to more sales for the forecourt, carwash etc.

  • Tyre & exhaust fitment centres: We help one fitment centre per area with marketing in exchange for media support within their waiting areas. People often need to wait while their vehicles are worked on. We advertise the business owners as strategic partners towards the public.

  • Companies with reception areas: In each town/suburb we invite at least one attorney, auditor, doctor, dentist (companies in different sectors) to become business partners. We inform their clients that the business owners are working with us to support caretakers. This will result in more “word of mouth” marketing for the businesses we deal with.

  • Companies who provide services without people visiting their premises: There are companies who provide services to the public by visiting their client’s premises. An example would be a plumber. The plumber will not receive clients at their premises. The Homecare Foundation invites at least one plumber per area to join the business network. We want to market the business network to the public, informing them that when they support our business partners, the caretakers and patients benefit.



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