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Restaurants & coffee shops

Use advanced print technology to advertise the restaurant partners in companies surrounding the restaurant


We arrange with accommodation and other companies to place a corporate branded magazine in reception areas. The magazines enable us to inform the public about our services and also source information that we can pass on to sales executives in three industries, who donate larger amounts on business we help generate.

The magazine consists of 8 cover pages that we developed for the project. We re-bind the latest magazine with content that we need to help business partners.

Note that we publish examples to explain to potential business partners how we will market the companies who partner with the Homecare Foundation. We are now negotiating with main sponsors and we will update the example content when we finalize the partners.

Cover page

Cover inside left page

Page 03

Page 04

First 4 cover pages

Followed by latest magazine content in middle

Followed by last 4 cover pages at back of magazine

Page 177

Page 178

Cover inside back page

Back cover page

The magazines are printed in such a manner that clients are informed that management teams are part of the project to help bedridden patients. We print editorials on the Cover inside left page where we explain how important the business owners/management teams are to help caretakers. The individual’s names are included in the editorials. We do not tell the clients how much the business owners donate, only that we rely on them to help the caretakers.

It is always better if a third party explains to clients just how important a business owner is. You will note that we use media structures that are designed to catch a client’s attention (cover inside left page). This message will encourage their clients to recommend their business to friends and family. It is important for people to know that management care for other people as well.


The business directory will always be advertised inside these magazines. We will explain that restaurants are important business partners and that people can donate when they support our partners.


The software is programmed to print advertisements about business partners. The Foundation will negotiate with a fitment centre to join the project. We may in certain areas not be able to successfully negotiate with a fitment centre. (Remember, we developed software so that we can negotiate with partners… We cannot be 100% sure that the person we negotiate with will be compassionate towards bedridden patients.)


We will print individual advertisements of restaurant/coffee shop partners on the inside back cover page if we are not successful with a fitment centre. Our thinking is that people spend a lot of time inside waiting rooms when they replace tyres etc. We want them to read about the project and partners helping patients.

Note that these magazines are produced with advanced technology. We explain our production limitations later on the website. We have to design up to 480 000 individual pages per month to print the individualized magazines. Every page is designed with advanced software specifically programmed for this project. A standard magazine consists on average of 148 pages where a team of up to 3 designers work the entire month to produce the magazine. We produce the cover pages within a 4-day window period.   There is no publishing company that we are aware of who will be able to provide such services.

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