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Once in a lifetime opportunity


This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity… We explain why we know that our proposal will most likely never be offered again. This page explains how the nature of our task and the NPO organizations we group with, will make this a unique project. Similar offerings will most likely never happen again!


We do not foresee another IT company developing software to help coffee shop and restaurant partners without targeting them for profit.


It took management within the Homecare Foundation 4 years to prepare software for this huge task we undertake. The Homecare Foundation focuses on more than just helping bedridden patients and their caretakers. We help companies…


The statement of “once in a lifetime opportunity” is based on six facts.


First, the Foundation partnered with an IT group (CSE Services) where the IT team were able to develop software without being too tied up in a specific industry. Most IT personnel work in one industry for example motor industry. They develop software to find solutions for the motor industry and they only focus on problems the motor industry face (the same with the accommodation industry).


CSE Services was able to work outside 6 industries and looked for solutions to help bedridden patients. They needed to work on an action plan that will benefit companies within 6 industries. Their thoughts were to find ways where the companies can help each other.


It was possible to develop software that can manipulate media for one purpose only, and that is to support caretakers. The media structures will play a role in each company’s business by increasing “word of mouth” marketing.


CSE found a unique way to enable companies to work in partnership. The main reason for this is that all the companies are willing to work towards providing for bedridden patients.


Second, the Homecare board and CSE had enough time to plan and develop software. Most companies will push as hard as possible to launch their software within a short period.


Third, the persons who developed the software need to understand the importance of helping bedridden patients. They need to understand how a disease impact families, not only the patient.


Almost 90% of our team have personal experience with a brother or sister with diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer etc. We know how it influences families. You first have to have compassion for the task you work on, else any challenges you face will easily discourage you to proceed with such a challenging task.


The software development, especially the media software development was a huge challenge. There were numerous times that the programmers thought about stopping the project. You will have a better understanding of the challenges if you read the production limitations explained later on the page.


The IT team were required to look at one video when they wanted to quit. We decided to publish the video clip that inspired the team to focus on the task at hand. Our task is to support children and one child’s (Hanno Fourie) positive attitude towards live, kept the team working. You are welcome to open this link if you want to understand what motivated the IT team to work against all odds and challenges we faced. You often need a child’s inspiration to face challenges in life!   


Fourth, the project was truly costly to develop. We developed software that was never available before and will most likely never become available again.


Development was only possible because “angel donators” made it possible. We work with a group of friends who gave unconditionally. They want to make a difference!


Most companies will consider budgets of long-term development costs seriously and they always need to think about return on investments. You will have to search hard to get a team of people who funded the development period!    


Fifth, the Homecare Foundation partners with the top companies where management of the top companies share in our vision and mission.


Our advantage is that we have done a lot of market research amongst companies in different industries, and that top companies are now joining the project to help make a difference within their own communities.


It is important to realise that this is the first time that companies amongst all the different industries can use software developed for a specific task and team up to support people in need.


The Homecare board’s objective is to be fair. We want to offer top companies the first opportunity to partner with other top companies in the project. Top companies worked hard to be in their position.


We wish it was possible to help all the companies per industry. The reality is that when you want to help people increase income, you need to make a decision to cut out support towards companies that are in competition to the business partners you work with. There is nobody or any project that can influence the public to support all the participants in one industry…


We know that this project will only be supported by “certain types” of management teams… (people who WANT to make a difference)


We don’t know beforehand if the business owner we invite will participate. We are however confidant that it is possible to help a company in third or fourth place to take the number one spot when the Foundation supports them.


Thousands of people (who focus on one mission) will use their energy to provide a solution for bedridden patients and their caretakers in our country. The combined energy will pull the partner into first spot.


We can with confidence say that businesses in the team will increase income, purely because we work as a group towards better providing for people within their own communities.


A large percentage of management (who we met during research) immediately gave us their commitments to assist people in their communities. There are numerous advantages they gain.


When they support the NPO organization they also receive better scoring for their BEE status. But more importantly, they believe our strategy to work for income is much better because the Foundation’s team then need to focus on gaining momentum that will benefit the business partners financially.


Sixth, the Homecare Foundation will partner with all the NPO organizations, making it almost impossible for another IT group to position themselves within the NPO structures. This will make it impossible to ask the public to support certain accommodation companies for a specific caus.


NPO organizations:

Most NPO organizations cannot commit to help patients financially. Once you provide a commitment, you create an expectation where the patient expects financial support and this is something NPO organizations do not want to commit to.


There are numerous NPO organizations that also attempt to provide once off solutions. One example would be the


The wheelchair foundation will help a person with a wheelchair once. They cannot commit to financial support for things such as food etc.


The Homecare Foundation will within the next year be positioned on all the different NPO organization’s structures within South Africa.


Our function is to help “Any” disease patient who became in need of frail care support. We will therefore work closely with the Cancer association, the Multiple Sclerosis association, the Aids association, and all the different associations who focus to help patients.


The different NPO organizations will be grateful when we invite them to take up board positions. They will be relieved to know that we support their patients directly.


We might also assist NPO organizations such as the Wheelchair Foundation. We will fund them should we have surplus funds.


We don’t foresee that any of the NPO organizations will in future spend millions on developing a business network aimed to support their own patients. They will all prefer to work with the top companies in the country who already gave their commitments to help their patients. They will not implement business plans to target the companies we work with to ask for support for just one group of patients.


They will be aware that we already invited the top companies and that a percentage of people might have declined the invitations. We already grouped the top companies whose management teams are inclined to help the communities. Why take the risk to spend millions on software development and later target people who declined the first time?


They will know that the group of companies we position on the business network joined the project out of different reasons. Some business owners have a soft spot for Cancer patients. Others join to help Alzheimer’s and other to help people with Multiple Sclerosis… We work towards solutions for the same problem though, and that is to provide support when the people are in need of financial support the most…when they become in need of frail care.




The Homecare Foundation will be listed on all the NPO organization’s websites as a service provider, helping their patients. The Homecare Foundation will appear in all the internet searches when people use the internet for research about diseases and support. 


The Homecare board expect thousands of applications from patients and caretakers once we launch our media campaigns. We wish it was possible to help every company that in future will apply to help patients. We will however have to inform other companies that we unfortunately cannot support every person who wants to partner with us.


In a sense, we are grateful that we use advance print technology as part of our project. We can give a valid reason for not taking in every company that in future applies.


There is a lot of human input needed to print and re-bind the personalized magazines. We use technology to help, but it remains a huge task to provide a company with a magazine. The personalized magazines inform their clients that the management team support the Homecare Foundation.


Production limitations will be our reason for putting companies on a waiting list. The Homecare management team can explain that we manage the printing and distribution structure and we will only accept more companies if we can provide support.


Please read this link which explains the production challenges if you want to understand why this is truly a ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY!

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