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Enjoy SA - Media support

Media is the most important component with regards to be successful in business. If you sell products or services to people, you need the ability to promote these products/services.


The Jabez prayer plaid an important role during our planning phase. “God, Please enlarge my territory….”


What if technology can help answer this prayer? What if we can enlarge your business’s territory?


We will now explain how the phone technology we develop can help congregation members to outsell their direct opposition.


We have to acknowledge that we interact with numerous people in our country. Not all of them are believers, or have a close relationship with God.

You cannot survive if you only want to trade with Christians. We need to sell products and services to all the citizens, and to foreigners who visit our country.


The Covid 19 epidemic will now put enormous pressure on business people, and there will be congregation members who will have to start their own businesses (retrenchments etc) just to stay alive.


Media costs has always been an expensive. Without media support, your opposition will just outsell your business. People can only support you if they know about your product / service. (It is impossible to make large profit if you only rely on friends and family to support you in your business. You may survive, but it will be difficult to grow and expand the business without effective media support)


Most of the internet support platforms is what we refer to as “Re-active media”.  The business owner relies on the phone user to “search” for services and products. (In the Re-Active media strategy, search engines such as Google, Bling etc. dominate the media sector and make billions out of the public globally)


Companies pay huge amounts to ensure that their websites are reached when a phone user browse/search. It is almost worth nothing, if you have a website and the website is not on the first page (landing page) when people search.


We can help business owners involved at churches in certain industries (more tourism related) with regards to “Re-active media”


Pro-active Media – Push Notification Media    

We explain how Push-Notification technology work, and how such technology will help certain business owners to increase income in their businesses. A large number of businesses (irrespective if you are involved at a church or not) will soon use the technology to save on media costs.

We decided to share some of our confidential information with Beta Testers, so that they understand what we want to test and why we need their support for a short period.


IT companies in general develop technology to make as much profit as possible. (They will do their best to tap into marketing budgets of companies.)

​This project is unique. We develop technology for reasons other people cannot comprehend. Our main shareholder is Jesus Christ. We develop technology to support people who loves Him.


We can therefore implement strategies that people might never have thought about.

Our goal is to help a business person make more money. The business owner will as a result, be able to support the church, and he/she might also donate towards care taking.


"Push Notification technology" is the future of phone app communication and we can change the way media will be used. It can be more accurate and effective than conventional media. (It can also be more effective than for example Facebook.)

An example of push notification technology is where Google ask you to rate a business if their technology detected that you were at the business. They will push a message and ask you to rate the business if your phone was within 20 meter of the business.


This same technology can now be used to help small businesses in geographical areas. We will soon be able to “Push” a media message to a phone, even if the phone is for example 30 km away from the specific business.



How phone users will choose and react to media


The development we explain has never been attempted by media companies. People will not install apps just to receive media… It is actually more challenging than what one would expect.


We develop the Enjoy SA app so that we can support phone users with multiple services... (media is not the only focus point.) We are also not an advertisement agency; hence we can develop the software to better protect the user.

We will allow, and encourage the phone user to limit the number of media that could reach the phone per day. The app user will furthermore be able to categories which media he/she accept from which industries.


The Covid 19 epidemic created the perfect opportunity for us to implement the Enjoy SA app.

We can soon inform South Africans that we are not a media company, we are a support company that assist communities. The Covid 19 epidemic forced us to develop technology so that we can help business owners. There are now numerous business owners who must re-start their businesses, or perhaps investigate other opportunities within the private sector to make a living.

South Africans will know that they remain in control. Each phone user can determine if he/she will accept media and how much per day. We will explain that the Homecare Foundation will appreciate it if people within the app user’s local area can send him/her media about exceptional specials. (You will for example be able to book a steak at a restaurant in your area for as little as R50.) The Enjoy SA app will predominantly send “specials” that restaurants can work out on a daily basis, and these specials will always include exceptional deals for the first persons who re-act on the media.


We know that a large percentage of SA citizens will install the app (not only for security reasons) but also out of willingness to support smaller businesses and to get access to exceptional restaurant and fast-food specials.


Our restaurant and fast-food business plan creates the opportunity for the Homecare team to support numerous other companies. Examples will be butcheries, cycle shops, boutique clothing shops, hairdressers, retail stores, actually all the companies that can categorize themselves as companies that can help a person to Enjoy Life, thus Enjoy South Africa will be able to use this technology.


Screen space and limitations

Phone users can only see limited content on a phone, due to the screen size of the device. Phone users in general do not spent time on the phone to read much content. They will rather watch a video or they act on images. They do not really read text content.

A phone user will 90% of the time act on the first media that they view on their screens, especially if the media include exceptional deals.

Pictures plus interactive software backing the media will in future play an important role for a business owner to succeed.

In the examples we explain how Seven Restaurant plus Longhorn Grill Restaurant will be able to use the Enjoy SA app to communicate with phone users.

Both restaurants will be able to send messages and phone users can respond to these media by booking on the app if they want these exceptional deals.

It is important for both companies to build exceptional relationships with phone users. People will when they open the links immediately see if the specials is still available and if there is options available, how many can still be booked

It is impossible to offer such kind of media support with for example Facebook. (We will further down on the page explain why our Push Notification technology will be more effective than Facebook or twitter as well a bit later)

What we first want to explain is that the phone user cannot determine who owns the restaurant. (This is important if we want to combat the pressure of BEE on businesses.) 

We also want to make a statement... The public (black, white, yellow, brown.. ) do not really care if the deals they view on their phones are being pushed by BEE companies or not. Then lastly, foreigners definitely do not care about BEE policies... They just want a great experience while they visit South Africa.

We can with technology place media on phones that will support Christian business owners better than other business owners.

How will the technology determine the radius where phones should receive media?

We need to explain the difficulty of the software we develop, and how this media support plan will make it challenging for the public and for government to determine that we benefit certain business owners above the rest.

It is a difficult decision that I had to make if we should use the technology in the way we will now explain. It remains a moral question. Should we develop the software structure to achieve certain goals?


The radius settings and the way we develop the technology to manage these settings will have a direct impact on a business owner’s ability to earn income. We acknowledge that media support on its own does not entirely determine if a business can succeed or not, but it plays a huge role in profits. There are businesses that might remain open when they purely rely on “word of mouth” business, but in general, you need support from people who act on media they receive.


Remember, we develop technology to achieve our own goals. Google also developed their internet browser exposure software to achieve their goals… Their goal is to make us much profit as possible... Ours’s is to protect business owners against a potential political war.


The most important point we focus on is to only send Push Notifications to phones that can re-act on the media. To re-act, the phone user should feel that it is worthwhile to drive to the business. It should be close enough to make it feasible for the phone user to purchase the products. It does not help us to send a push notification of an exceptional restaurant deal if such restaurant is for example more than 20km away from the phone user, if we can send the phone user a restaurant deal from a restaurant within a 5km radius. (People are now more reluctant to travel huge distances due to high living costs)


There are also different categories of companies that will use the technology.  The default range that we set between a bicycle shop and a restaurant will already be different. Bicycle shops service larger geographical areas and there are less potential clients per geographical area that will support them than people that will visit a restaurant.


The type of company will play a role, and then also the geographical positioning of the company will also play a role. The radius settings for restaurants in medium sized towns will for example be larger than for restaurants in cities. Thus, the software that will calculate the default radius once we start to support companies is truly complicated.

How do we fit Jabez prayer into the development?

The restaurants will by default start with the same radius settings. We decided to develop the technology in such a way, that the default radius will automatically increase if the App user link his/her profile to a church.


Business owners will use additional apps that we develop to support them with their businesses. We will explain to business owners that we share a small percentage of the fees we generate with the church so that caretakers within the church can also receive a larger portion of the available funds we distribute to caretakers.


This will already help us to identify which business owners should receive better media support.


The next step, is to increase the radius based on the number of times we were able to identify that the business owner's phone was on the church's premises. Almost like Google maps asking you to rate the church? the same concept, except we do not ask the business owner any question, the software will only store the dates and times that we were able to determine the phone was on the premises of the church.

We published two levels on the map, just for discussion purposes. In our example, we will use two business owners who own restaurants. We will eventually support every business owner with new technology, once we completed our entire project.

Level A

The Level A restaurateur is actively involved at his church.

Level B

The Level B restaurateur did not link his Enjoy SA app to a specific church.


You will note that the radius around restaurant A is larger than the radius for restaurant B. (Jabez prayer- God, please enlarge my territory)


​The radius expansion will be like a living organism. It will "breath". There will be a maximum radius the software will expand to, and if we note that the phone user visits the church less frequently, the software will reduce the radius automatically. (Technology can answer the prayer “enlarge my territory” and this will have a significant impact on the restaurant’s ability to make larger profits.)


Readers will notice that there will be areas where two businesses overlap in the map. In such a scenario, the technology will prioritize the media of Level A company above Level B company.


Media settings by phone user and how we will prioritize media of Level A companies


It is important to remember that the phone user remains in control of the media settings. We must allow the phone user to choose how much media can get through. If we do not develop this feature, the project will fail. There might be more than 200 small businesses in the geographical area that would like to push media to the phone user. If we allow everybody access, the phone user will eventually cancel the services.


For discussion purposes, let us say the phone user will accept 10 media messages per day. This might be the total messages that we are allowed to send, which include media from restaurants, fast-food companies, clothing stores, and for example cycle shops.


To ensure that we help the cycle shops, they will receive a higher priority than for example restaurants. The phone user’s hobby and sport interests is also in our view important to support. (The Enjoy SA app is also referred to as the Enjoy Life app. We need to ensure that people enjoy Life) The cycle shops and the clothing shops will most likely communicate less frequintluy with phone users.  


The phone user might occasionally only receive 4 messages per day from restaurants and fast-food companies. This will then create a challenge. Which company should receive a higher priority than the other one?


In the example, where Level A restaurateur start to target clients of Level B restaurateur, we will prioritize his media above Level B restaurateur.


The fact that we allow phone users the option to choose media options, creates the perfect “grey area’ that we need if we want to succeed in helping Christian business people. Restaurateur (Level B) will not be able to point out that he/she lost media coverage.   


It will only be our development team that can determine per company if we succeed in our business plan to help Christian business people achieve a higher foot print with media. This information will not be shared with anybody.


Push Notifications versus Facebook media

Push Notification technology where Geo tracking is included in the software structure will eventually be the most effective, low cost plan business owners can use to succeed.


People in general do not want to share their contact details with numerous phone users or companies. This is to our benefit. We will never share a phone users contact detail with any company.

This software enables users the option to allow companies they would want media from, to get the media to them, without sharing personal information to the companies.


It is very difficult for business owners to gather contact information from all the residents in the business’s catchment area. The best option at the moment is to create your own Facebook page for your business. The challenge is that there are still a lot of people who do not use Facebook.

The next challenge is to ask people in the catchment area to Like or Follow the Facebook page, which is also not an easy task to accomplish.


When business owners do post media onto their Facebook pages, they hope that followers will share the message with other Facebook friends. The problem is that Facebook user’s friends are all scattered across the country and are even situated abroad. As a result, Facebook users receive messages of businesses that they cannot support, purely because it is not feasible to get the products on offer.


Facebook can furthermore not support the business owner with software where a limited number of items can be offered to users, based on a booking system. This is where the Push Notification technology and the way we develop Geo-tracking will make a huge positive contribution to the businesses being supported.


There is a saying: “Poor people need a bargain, and rich people loves a bargain”. That is true, you can make more money if you have the ability to draw people to your premises with a limited number of exceptional well priced deals.


The person is then inside the business and will purchase other products at even higher prices than what they would have paid at perhaps opposition businesses, just because they cannot always remember what the correct asking price should be, or it is just not convenient to drive around. If we help for example a Spar and we push an exceptional offer on bread, the app user will pay for example R1 more for a liter milk, than what milk cost at Pick n Pay. The person is already inside Spar and he/she might think that it is not cost/time effective to drive to Pick n Pay.


Geo tracking technology also create additional benefits. Businesses will now for the first time be able to offer products to people from other geographical areas. Our Enjoy SA app will push media to the phone when the app user travel. This might be the best support plan if we need to help Level A businesses. Visitors in the area will now be reached and we can ensure they rather spend funds where we need them to do. Facebook cannot support businesses in this manner. The travel app and the way we develop the software will be accurate.


With Facebook, you might perhaps have heard about a business. But when you travel into an area, and you receive a “Push Notification” even when you are 30km away from the business, the media will be more effective and accurate to the current offering the business owner want to present to possible clients.

Our view about Franchise businesses and individual owned businesses after the economy restart

We expect that numerous business owners in Franchise concepts will be forced to de-franchise. The financial pressures are high and people will try to cut operational costs where they can.

We expect that several people in the restaurant industry will also move towards smaller individual owned restaurants. The technology we develop will make it possible for business owners to open restaurants, coffee shops and other tourism related businesses at lower operational costs.


We expect that people will use Enjoy SA technology and a smaller staff component to manage restaurants. It will be easier for restaurateurs to communicate on a daily basis with the people in their catchment area about items offered on the menu of the day.


The franchise options force people to open restaurants in shopping malls. The rent is then remarkably high and they require large space to seat lots of clients. We foresee much smaller restaurants in future.


The software will also help numerous Christians who were retrenched. You will need effective media in your small catchment area if you want to open a small business. We foresee that churches will help spread the message to their congregations as an effort to help persons affected by the Covid 19 epidemic rebuild their lives. Eventually, all the churches in the town will ask their members to use the technology. People in the church will then spread the message to other friends (who might not be involved at churches).

The Enjoy SA app will eventually be distributed to millions when businesses across South Africa know that they can use the platform to communicate to residents in their catchment area and to people driving through their catchment area. Business owners will also use the fact that personal safety is offered by the technology as an additional motive to encourage the public to install the Enjoy SA app.

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