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Distribution of Enjoy SA app

The Homecare team prepare different media and distribution channels, that will ensure a high number of app users.


It is only with a high number of app users that we will be able to support Christians in their businesses.


It is also important to know that the Enjoy SA app will be available to users without requiring any payments. (We do have business plans in place where the armed response services will be paid for, but these payments will mostly be done by retail companies on behalf of the app users)


It is important to enable all LSM income users access to the technology.


There are two focus points:

  1. Ensure that foreigners install Enjoy SA app

  2. Help millions of South Africans to install the Enjoy SA app


We will use social media, banners, printed media and radio talk shows to communicate with people about the app.


The most important distribution channel will be the +- 2 000 ambassadors we will use to continuously remind South Africans about the important app.



The main focus is to enable guesthouses and lodges to distribute the app to their guests. Most of the guesthouse owners are looking for technology that will assist them in their businesses. Crime is a threat to their businesses. They need technology that will protect their clients, without putting too much emphases on security risks.

We develop the Enjoy SA app, with a different phase for foreigners. They will view the app more as a tourist assist app, and not a security support app.

We also develop the booking site, that will help guesthouses and lodges safe large amounts on booking fees. During 2017, our country lost more than R2,7 billion on booking fee commissions. The major accommodation booking companies are all based abroad.

Guesthouses often pay up to 27,2% of their accommodation fees to companies such as Our solution is to bring it down to 5% and out of these fees, help protect clients with private security companies and also contribute to frail care support. Our clients will assist us to distribute the Enjoy SA app to their foreigner guests.

Our business plan also includes services we will provide to Car rental companies. The Enjoy SA app enable phone users to link a rental car’s registration number to his/her app for the rental period. The vehicle’s photo will then be part of the panic assistance platform.

Our objective is to inform car rental companies that we can help their client base should something as a vehicle hi-jacking occur. This is however not our main focus.

We will assist car rental companies with the support of our restaurant network. Our main aim is to make a foreigner’s holiday experience something remarkable.

We will with the support of the Enjoy SA app send restaurant deals to their clients when they reach their accommodation destinations.

The objective is to notify the restaurant management team via their phone apps the moment our foreigner guests arrive at the restaurants. These people can then talk to the guests, they will have additional information about the guests. (The countries these guests come from, the time span of the guest in South Africa… additional information that make it easier to talk to these guests, help making them feel exceptional.)

Europcar jhb.jpg

The purpose is to ensure that these guests recommend South Africa as the friendliest nation when they return. Technology will therefore help car rental companies to increase business.


Our focus will then be to place these foreigners after everybody involved help us to download the Enjoy SA app with business owners we need to assist.

South Africans


South Africans will be reached via social media, via radio talks, and more importantly, via the hard work of up to 2 000 ambassadors.


The Homecare team is busy with a process to negotiate partnerships with property companies, and we allow these property companies to register their sales teams as “Ambassadors”


Photos and contact details of these ambassadors also appear on the Enjoy SA App. There is a lot of additional marketing support we provide to these estate agents. They all receive badges which they will wear with their own branded nametags.


The main focus of these ambassador principals is to manage communication with the churches in their areas. They will visit all the churches and explain how technology we develop will help their congregations and also bedridden patients + child protection services.


We are confident that the church members will then help spread the message about the app.

We registered ourselves as a partner on the #ImStaying platform. We will after Beta tests of the app have been completed, start with our media strategies to use this important Social platform and request other South Africans who are committed to stay in South Africa, to download the app. We will explain the importance of working as a united nation towards growing tourism. We can reach more than 1,2 million South Africans via this platform.  

Our own image about the Homecare Foundation will also be changed. We will include a large number of media “Ambassadors” representing all the different racial classifications. We need to do this just before we start with the National media campaigns. We cannot portray the Homecare Foundation as an organization who represent white South Africans.


Below are some videos we include from property principals in our current network.

Barry Spies
Representing Harcourts
Daco Conradie
Representing independent agencies
Johan van Tonder
Representing Rawson
Louise Snyders
Representing Re/max
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