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Enjoy SA - Security support

We developed a feature where South Africans can load pictures of their vehicles into the app. One of our focus points is to reduce crime, which includes vehicle hi-jacking.

The Enjoy SA app is actually an app that will forward users info about exceptional specials offered by restaurants and fast-food companies. (More detail in media support)

Foreigners will also receive info about tourist attractions when they visit regions in our country. (We focus on Enjoying South Africa, and not on the negative of living in or visiting the country)

Our main objective is to look after the tourist’s safety. We will use the Enjoy SA app, and the app they will install will not include all the services or buttons South Africans will use (It is more tourism related and does not portray the security functions that South Africans might need). They will however be able to call for help if they are in trouble, and private security companies will then rush to assist within a 5-minute window period (in all the major towns and cities) and help these people until the police can attend.


As South Africans, we face more challenges. We often get into areas where possibilities of vehicle hi-jacking are higher, and with technology we can reduce these risks.

Enjoy SA app users will be able to click on a button, and the pictures of the vehicle will immediately be shared with private security companies in the area, in order to help them chase down hi-jackers and as such try to reduce this horrible crime.

We also want to test the technology to see if we cannot share these pictures of the car being hi-jacked with other app users in for example a 5 km radius. It will then be possible for South Africans to notify the Armed Response vehicles if they spot the stolen vehicle. (If a network of phones team up, the hi-jacking of will vehicles will become extremely difficult to do. As a nation, we need to look after one another)

We need Homecare friends to install the Beta testing app and use it for a short period.

We open sections of the app in phases. 

For Homecare friends visitng our website for the first time, the Homecare team develop an app that integrate with Aura. 

We manage certain sections of personal security and Aura manage the back-end integration with the private security companies.

The partnership between us, will provide the ultimate tool with regards to personal security. We also implement software that will enable us to provide free support if people purchase a small percentage of their groceries via gift-cards. (The retail companies thus help us to create a safe South Africa) 

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