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Round Table Southern Africa

Tourism (unique projects)

The technology we develop is truly unique to Southern Africa. We develop a Tripadvisor on steroids!


It also includes support towards people situated in areas not visited by the tourists. One of our action plans is to help for example bushmen woman sell artwork. We will engage with numerous indigenous groups across Southern Africa.


This project will also involve different groups of travellers in our country.


We will engage with the 4X4 clubs and we will ask people who want to travel to far-off destinations to help the Enjoy Life project.

These people will negotiate with for example Khoisan bushmen to provide artwork which the Enjoy Life project can sell on their behalf.


The entire process will be documented and it will become one of the most unique ways to help Khoisan people generate income.


This idea originated during our negotiations with Graham & Maryna Moss (owners of Croccure). The Homecare team will in future receive cream that is made of Oil from crocodiles. The cream has medicinal characteristics (natural antibiotics).


Our plan is to supply the cream to communities in far places and also supply them with glass bottles. The Khoisan woman will then put their own artwork on these bottles (Each bottle will be unique).

artfor sale.jpg

The 4X4 club will arrange that one of their members visit these Khoisan women to collect these bottles when they are ready for the tourism industry.

Each bottle will receive a unique QR-code that will be glued to the bottle. The Tourist can buy these gifts at shops in for example Sandton.


If the tourist scans the QR-code with his/her phone, a web-page will open which will provide lots of information.


These QR-codes will be supplied to numerous art effects that we need to help sell.


The idea is to publish a section about the artist.

  • What is her name?

  • How old is she?

  • How many children she has.

  • Photos of the family and where they live will be available on the page.


We will also publish a section about the people who collected the artwork. They can post photos and do write-ups about the trip to collect and deliver the artwork at designated drop-offs across the country.


We want these people to publish as much detail as possible. There might be people that go the extra mile to reach far-off places!

4x4 camping.jpg
black camping.jpg

This unique project will add value to the artwork. The owner of the art effect will know that South Africans can stand together, that South Africans are a unique group of people. That we help each other…


This all will help to per sway foreigners to invest into our country. People will consider to retire in South Africa. It will create additional business opportunities that will assist small to medium size companies.


The guest houses and lodges will also be able to stock artwork on behalf of the people in rural areas.


We will support all the indigenous tribes in the Southern Africa region.

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